We're in Trouble Now...

The boys have been cute recently, but the house has basically been uneventful. Jacob is so funny and he is still singing all the time! The other night at dinner he just started singing, "I'm so proud to be an American, be an American, be an American...." Brian and I just giggled between ourselves because we could not believe he was singing that! It was so cute! Tonight he had a hooded towel on his head and he kept telling us that he was the scary Easter bunny. We told him that the Easter bunny is not scary; Uncle Derek is scary (from his dressing up as the Homer Simpson Easter bunny at my parents' party). So then he started pretending to be Uncle Derek and he wanted to scare us.

Up until tonight (April 21), Andrew had not walked very much around the house. He had taken a few steps, but his preferred way of moving around the house was crawling. Last night I think I saw his "Ah-Hah" moment. He was standing up near the couch, and he took a step. Then I could see his little wheels turning in his head, and he took about 10 more steps. That was pretty awesome to see him processing his thoughts about walking. But he completely took off today! Here is a video clip.

Andrew is also a climber. He loves to try to sneak his way up the stairs, but he never makes it higher than 1 or 2 steps. Jacob got a fire truck that he can drive and ride for his birthday, and Andrew can climb in it and stand on the seat. I have not seen him do this, but Brian says it is all he wanted to do Saturday evening. We will definitely be busy keeping him safe for a while.

School Birthday Party

We sent cupcakes to school on Andrew's birthday. Here is a picture from his school birthday party. Love that smile!

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Well...he did it. He actually turned 1. I'm sad about it and so happy all at the same time. I know I've said it many times before, but I truly look at him and think that he is only 6 months old. Okay...let's pick it up a little and get on with the exciting things Andrew has been up to.

He is 23 lb. 3 oz. He is 30 inches long, and his head circumference is 48 cm. I think he looks like a chunky monkey, but for weight he is in the 56th percentile. His body shape is definitely different than Jacob's. He can fit into 12 month clothes pretty good, but I think 18 months would give him a little wiggle room. What else is he up to?

  • He sleeps all night! He has been doing it for about the last month or so solid. Mommy like! He goes down for bed between 8:00 and 8:30 (just like Jacob), and he wakes up between 5:30 and 6:00 (just like Jacob). So it is REALLY nice that they are on the same schedule.
  • We have taken away the pacifier during the daytime hours...at daycare at least. At home on the weekends we still rely on it a little bit. It's a work in progress.
  • Andrew is an excellent eater! He really likes table food. Side note - on the weekends, he is even on the same eating schedule as Jacob! It's not a big deal now, but it was a couple of months ago.
  • He likes books. He is so cute with a book! He'll flip the pages and touch them. Jacob wasn't quite like that at this age.
  • Andrew LOVES to play in the water! I cannot wait to see him in Grandmother's pool!

  • He has made a pretty smooth transition from formula to whole milk. He still demands a drink first thing in the morning, but we're working on that. He had quite a meltdown this morning about the whole thing. Temper temper!
  • He is so stinkin' cuddly! I love to just hug on him. And right now he seems to like to hug on me. :)

  • He always has a smile on his face. He loves to show off his 8 pearly whites! Of course, Mommy gets the biggest smiles!
  • He is WALKING as of Sunday. I've tried to make him walk, and he would just take one tiny step and fall into me. But on Sunday he was at Grandmother's house with Brian, and he was standing at her coffee table. He decided he wanted Brian, so he let go of the coffee table by himself, took one step to Brian, and fell into him. Then he walked at school today. I finally got to see it when he got home. He took about 3 steps to me. I can't wait to see both boys running in the house and outside!

It's been a fast year! I just adore my baby boy, and I can't wait to see everything to come in his second year!