Terrible Three's...Sometimes

I love to talk to Jacob these days. Well, I love it most of the time. He is just so funny!

Last night I was reading books with him. He enjoys "The Little Engine That Could." Side Note: It is actually a much longer story than I remember. Anyway, he will flip thru the pages and tell his own little story. We hit the same highlights each night: the yellow engine is the "mean engine;" the clown is the conductor of the black engine, but he doesn't drive the train (he's standing beside it in the illustration); and we say "I think I can" about a hundred times. Last night he told me that the yellow engine did not help the red engine. Then he started talking about Nemo (a favorite at our house). He said that we could not help Nemo to not touch the boat. Only the diver could help Nemo. It was random and very different from what he usually says about Nemo. We've used Nemo as an example for a reason to follow our directions. Nemo did not follow his daddy's directions, so the diver took him.

Just as I was tucking him into bed, he tooted and said "Excuse Me." I didn't hear the toot, so I asked if he tooted. He said, "I say excuse me when I darted at school."

Today they are having a picnic at school. Jacob has been SO excited about this picnic. He signed up to bring popcicles and he has to take a beach towel. He was ready this morning to have a picnic with his friends. Well...ready until I told him it was time to get dressed. EVERY morning we have a meltdown about getting dressed for school. Some of Jacob's other favorite phrases are, "I don't want to," "I dont' want to talk about it," and, of course, "NO!"

Finally, this morning we made biscuits for breakfast. He specifically requested them last night as we were cleaning up from dinner. He likes to help me put the biscuits on the cookie sheet. As he was doing that, he told me, "These biscuits are cold. When biscuits are cold, we put them in the oven to warm them up." Melt my heart!

Mother's Day

My Mother's Day this year was PERFECT! Brian scored major points for making it happen exactly as I wanted!

Saturday morning I got to sleep in until 7:45. That might not sound that late, but kids are usually ready to go at 6:00...every single day. We had plans to go to the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science, and we wanted to be there when it opened to get the most out of our trip before nap time. We made it to the museum right at the time it opened. It was our first trip, and I'm sure it won't be our last. We had a really good time. Then the boys napped on the way home and for another hour and a half after we got home.

That evening we went to dinner at Texas Land and Cattle. I had been craving it for several weeks, and I made it count. Fried jalapenos for an appetizer, a huge entree, wine, and dessert. The boys behaved very well, yet again!

On Sunday I got to sleep in until 9:30! How nice was that?!?! We really didn't do much all day. I think Brian took the boys to the store to go grocery shopping and I got to hang out and watch tv. That evening we went to Grandmother's house to have dinner with everyone.

The best part of Mother's Day was that I did not have to do a damn thing all weekend! Brian had been working on the weekends for the previous 3 weeks or so, and he took care of the boys' every little need. It was so nice!

1 and 3 Year Pictures

Here are some scanned copies of the 1 and 3 year pictures I had taken of the boys. They were so good that day! I took them by myself because Brian had to work. I was completely prepared with snacks, sandwiches, and cookies to bribe them to stay in front of the camera. It all worked! And the pictures turned out really well. I don't think you can really see how good they are on the scanned versions. For me, they were so good that I was scammed into buying one of their framed sets. I have a great spot for it in my house, and Brian liked it, too! The whole day was just great! (omg...I knew the quality wasn't great, but man..it really sucks!)

Happy Birthday Jacob!

Jacob had the BEST birthday ever! I'm so happy that I made a big deal about it.

The weekend before his birthday, we had a party at Pump It Up! Jacob was so excited! The theme, of course, was fire trucks. Mostly family was at the party. I think the party was a huge success!

On his birthday, which he knows is Tax Day, we sent cupcakes to the school, and his friends sang Happy Birthday to him. I think he loved it! After school, I picked him up and took him to the fire station. We drive by the fire station every day as a reward for his not having any accidents. But his birthday was special! We walked around the fire station and got to sit in a few fire trucks! He was in heaven! We were there for 45 minutes, and even then we were kicked out because they had to go help people in a car accident. I was so excited to take him, and I'm glad he enjoyed it so much!

At home he opened presents, ate some cake, and then we played with the new toys! He got this new fire truck for his birthday. It is a HUGE hit in the house!

Jacob's birthday was more heartbreaking for me than Andrew's. I just cannot believe that he is 3! He is getting so big, and while we have our 3 year old moments, he really is a great kid! He is starting to get a little sense of humor. We were playing on his easel, and he said, "J-A-C-O-B spells Mommy." I looked around the corner to look at him, and he was smiling so big. He knew he was funny! He was 38.25 inches tall and 31.8 pounds at his checkup. He loves to read books and play with his brother! I am so proud of the big brother that he is! I could not have asked for it to work out any more perfectly.
We are a little concerned with his speech because we are the only 2 people who can understand him all the time. We even have moments where we have no idea what he is saying. So next Monday we are going to see an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor to have his hearing checked. I'll keep ya posted.
UPDATE: Jacob's hearing is fine. Now we are trying to get him into some speech therapy. Honestly I've seen a slight improvement in the last few weeks. I'm not that worried about it, but we're getting an evaluation anyway. It looks like it could be July or August before we can get in, though.