The Great State Fair of Texas

This year Brian and I took off work on a Wednesday to take the boys to the State Fair of Texas! We had so much fun, and a weekday is definitely the time to go. At first, Andrew said he did not want to go to the fair, so we had to call it a carnival. We think it is because Jacob talked about a dragon ride he rode on last year. Andrew likes to look at scary things, but he has no interest in being near them.

First we saw the Bob the Builder exhibit. I'm pretty sure we can see that any time at the Museum of Nature and Science though. It was not listed on the Fair map. We were the only family in there for most of the time.

Next we stopped off to see the Wooly Mammoth just outside the museum. Again, we can see it any time we want.

Then we had the obligatory Fletcher's Corny Dogs. Well, Brian and I had the corny dogs. The boys sang songs and laughed. And then we took a quick picture of the boys with Big Tex! Can't miss that!

Then we went on this little farm that they have set up. It is a really neat thing for the kids. It's a complete play farm with animals and a garden. They have to do some work, then get the product (milk from cows, wool from sheep, vegetable from garden), sell it to market, and then they can buy a snack with the money. Jacob now wants a farmer's basket.

Next we walked around A LOT and finally sat down for a storytime with Mother Goose. Andrew probably could've fallen asleep, so we decided to spend the last of our coupons on Funnel Cake and head out. The boys slept on the way home, and then we were all pretty lazy that evening. We had a great time, and I can't wait to go again next year!

A New Purpose

We had an episode at our house last night that gave me a new reason to blog - I want to remember how I got old so fast. The reason would be Andrew. This kid does not give a crap about anything! It is really scary that he has this attitude at 2 - well, 2-1/2 if I want him to sound a little older.

Last night was Halloween. I even dressed up! It was a lot of fun. Jacob was a police officer, and Andrew was Spiderman. Anyway, we make our way through the neighborhood and head back home. Side Note: Andrew has been having a bit of a tough time lately because he is getting 3 of his 2-yr molars at one time. OUCH! He flip-flops on his moods constantly throughout the day. He said a couple of times while we were trick-or-treating, "Daddy, I am so happy right now!" It was really sweet!

So then we get back home, and of course the boys are dying to have candy. It was close to bed time, so Brian decided they could have one each. Then we let the boys play for about 10-15 minutes, and then it was time to brush teeth. The boys were a little upset about bed time, so Brian told them, "If you don't brush your teeth, then we have to get rid of all of your candy. You have to brush your teeth if you're going to eat candy." Mr. Pissy Pants decided he didn't want to brush his teeth. So then he turns up the drama. He was crying so loudly and just not being good at all. Brian finished up with Jacob's teeth and sent us on our way to start a book. Then he brushed Andrew's teeth. And here's the part that is going to make both of us old way before our time - Brian got a trash bag, got Andrew's pumpkin bucket, and told him to put all of the candy in the trash. (by the way, this is totally breaking my heart while I'm reading to Jacob). Andrew never cried! In fact, he started naming each candy as he put it in the trash bag. He did not care AT ALL! WTF?! And Brian told me later that he asked Andrew if he had fun trick or treating, and he told him no.

Bottom Line is that we just haven't quite found his button yet. We think its his independence, but who knows! It's scary when your two year old can turn any kind of discipline into a game.

In other news, the boys were absolutely adorable tonight! We've had the costumes for a month, and there is growing room, so they can play with them for a while.

The boys with their pumpkins - Andrew's scary face and Jacob's happy face

Mommy Witch and her boys

The Most Handsome Guys EVER!