Cute Times

Wednesday night was a really cute night for Jacob. First I caught video of his "R is for Rose" trick while he was eating some celery with ranch dressing. Then we unloaded the dishwasher together. I started doing it, and he jumped right in and wanted to help. Then we did laundry. Jacob loves to help out with laundry! Those are smiles that you're seeing, so it's not exactly slave labor. Then he went to bed with socks on his feet. Brian went in to check on him later that night, and he had one sock on his hand.

The next morning Jacob climbed into his book basket. This is a picture from the second time he did it. Brian called me after he did it the first time, and I asked if he had gotten a picture. Brian answered no, and told me he was about to get one because Jacob was climbing in again. He really looks more upset than he really is.

Brian was busy with various things over the weekend, so Jacob and I had a lot of time together. It's been quite a while since that was the case. It is so much harder to keep my patience in check while I'm pregnant. Yesterday was the real test. He was pretty good in the morning. I got to organize all of the baby clothes for the new baby. In the afternoon, I was trying to install an elfa drawer under my bathroom sink, and he was right there in the middle of it all. He would not play with his toys at all! Today we went to Old Navy and we got some new pants and shoes for Jacob. He loved trying on the pants, and he insisted on wearing the new shoes from the moment we bought them. We went to dinner with some of my girlfriends tonight, and he still looked so proud of his shoes when they asked about them.

Tomorrow I have the day off. I plan to work around the house and then go to the spa for a facial and massage. I cannot freaking wait! It has been way too long since I did anything like that for myself.


Jacob has really amazed me lately with his letters. We have this game (I call it a game but I'm not sure if it's really a game) that has magnetic letters and this other part that is also magnetic that sings this song when you put a letter on it. He walks around the house now and will make the T sound and hard C sound. He has his favorites, too. Right now he likes the O, Q, V, T, and C. It is just amazing to me how he soaks up every little thing. He actually said to me today, "right back" because I tell him I'll be right back when I'm leaving the room. He was only walking across the room to pick up a car, but he still said it. We've also been working with him to learn R is for Rose. He says it really low while his lips are puckered and he drags it out. It's pretty funny!

What's been going on?!?!

WOW! Has it really been 4 weeks since I've blogged?!?! How am I going to keep up with this when Munchky 2 arrives?!?!

Our holidays were great! Brian's mom kept Jacob for 2 nights over the holidays, and it was wonderful! We have not sent him away for an extended amount of time for months! The first night she kept him, we actually went out to dinner, just the 2 of us, at like 10:00 p.m. We went to Texas Land and Cattle, and it was only us and one other couple in the restaurant area. Then we went home, and he played a game on the 360 while I played The Sims (his game reminded me of The Sims and I just HAD to play it), and then we fell asleep on separate couches upstairs. Romantic, right? hehe...we spent the entire day together, and it was really nice! The next morning I did what every mother does after a night away from her child. I busted my ass around the house while he was gone and while I let Brian sleep.

She also kept him New Year's Eve for us so that we could go hang out with some friends. This was also a lot of fun, but I heard horror stories about the second-born children. Basically I'm now expecting M2 to be very high maintenance and a horrible listener. Not really, but I'm not expecting another Jacob.

We went to the doctor and had another sonogram. Everything looks great! It looks like I will have a c-section scheduled for the week before Easter. If he waits that long (I only say that because Jacob arrived 10 days before the scheduled c-section), this means I will miss the annual easter party at my parents' house. This year happens to be the 30th anniversary, and yes I will be the first one from our family to miss. I'm a little bummed about it, but it's better than scheduling the surgery for any date closer to Jacob's birthday, April 15. We still do not have a name for the little guy. It has been a lot harder this time! I'm not too worried about it....we have to give him a name eventually!

In other news, we finally got a real "family" car. We got a Ford Taurus X (it's a crossover and very similar to the Ford Flex) last weekend. It is so much easier to put Jacob in the car now. The seats fold down easily too! It's great!

Of course, Jacob has been adorable! He is talking so much! At one point he was saying "mimees" for mittens. We got a Roomba for Christmas from my father-in-law (thank you, thank you, thank you! We love it!), and we have decided to call it a robot instead of a vacuum. Jacob is obsessed with it. When Roomba goes back to his home, we tell Jacob that the robot is going nite nite. So he'll tell us about 100 times after that "bobot nite nite." He has also learned the letter O over the holidays! I think this is just awesome! He even points out the O's in books now.
He got an Elmo Live and a little ATV from us for Christmas. He loves the ATV, and he loves to knock Elmo over so that he'll ask Jacob to help him back up. Enjoy the pics from our holidays!

Jacob on his ATV Christmas morning

Jacob on his slide from Grandmother


Checking out the new Elmo

Jacob and Matthew with Grandma Rose and Papa

The Edomms

Milk and Cookies for Santa

Jacob and Daddy checking out Jacob's new video game

Jacob and Matthew at Astro's Christmas Party