Andrew's New Stats

Andrew, April 7

I took Andrew for his 4 month checkup on August 7. Here's an update on our chunky monkey:
  • His weight was 15 lb. 14 oz. - 71st percentile
  • He was 25.5 inches long - 70th percentile
  • His head isn't too big, I think it's in the 42nd percentile
  • He handled his shots like a champ! He didn't cry at all until she stuck him the second time (and this nurse was super slow with the shots)
  • He sleeps all night! We put him down around 8:30 or 9:00 (which happens to be right after Jacob goes down), and he usually wakes up around 5:30 or 6:00. It's funny...just as we finish singing lullabies to Jacob, Andrew is screaming for his last feeding.
  • He is a total snuggle bug! He loves to be cuddled!
  • He loves to sleep with a blanket. Jacob wakes up from a dead sleep when you put a blanket on him.
  • He still loves his brother! I love to watch the boys interact with each other because you can see that they truly love each other. Of course, I hope this lasts forever, but I know it won't. Not like this anyway.
  • He startles easily. Jacob loves for you to jump out from behind a door and scare him, but Andrew cries when you scare him. He gets startled at the smallest thing, too, like if you cover your eyes, uncover them really fast, and say Boo! Funny!
  • He loves his mommy! Again, I love the look on his face when he hears my voice first thing in the morning. And he can't wait to get his hands on me when he gets home from school.
  • He loves his daddy, too! He just laughs and laughs for Brian. I barely get a giggle.
  • He is probably one of the happiest and most content babies I've ever seen! His smile is so big to go along with those big eyes!
  • First family vacation - August 6 - 9
  • First time to go swimming - August 8
  • First time to roll over - August 14 - from his belly to his back
  • First time to laugh - August 23 - for Daddy while he was getting tickled
  • He has made me appreciate both of my babies more than I ever have before!

August 6

Stay-cation at the Great Wolf Lodge

For the last few years, our entire family has gone on vacation together. This year, because my kids are so young, my mom suggested we go to the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine. Brian and I had been really looking forward to the vacation since that moment! We didn't want to take the kids on an airplane yet, and a road trip could be tough, too.
So Thursday night everybody went to dinner together at Fireside Pies. Andrew was extremely fussy which is out of character for him. We thought he might not like the loud music. I had to go to the car to feed him because he would not take a bottle (it was still a little cold). Then he slept, but he was still a little fussy. Jacob had so much fun with Aunt Gloria and Matthew!
Brian and I took off work on Friday so that we could go to the hotel and hang out with my parents. We had a Casino Night to attend that night, so we were planning to spend the night to help out our parents. We finally arrived at the hotel around 11:00. Brian took Jacob swimming. I had to take Andrew for his 4 month checkup, so I decided to swim when we got back from the doctor. My parents watched the kids while the 6 of us (Edomms, Hicks, and Paxtons) went to Casino Night.
On Saturday Jacob was in the pool for a total of about 6 or 7 hours! He LOVES the water! Unfortunately we did not get a lot of pictures. We were too busy playing! He went down a little slide that they had about 100 times. He was really cute! That was the best day of the weekend. Brian got to leave for a little while to get a haircut. I got to take a was about 3 hours long! The Hicks and Paxtons decided to come to the hotel on Saturday. They all arrived around 9:30 and they left around 6:00. Since Jacob was having so much fun, we decided to crash another night at the hotel. We went to dinner that night with my parents at Uncle Julio's.
Sunday we had all of a 20 minute drive home (have I mentioned how much I loved staying close to home). We finally got to use our new bag-unpacker....Jacob. He had so much fun taking our things out of the bags and putting them up (seriously!). After naps, we decided to go swimming at Grandmother's house. It was truly the perfect weekend escape from the real world!

Here I am trying to take a cool shot like the ones Lynette takes.

Jacob's Michael Jackson Tribute

Yes, it has been 2 months since Michael Jackson passed away, or was murdered as we found out yesterday. I have tried and tried to get video of the boys dancing, but they just are not as eager to dance as the little girls. I finally have struck gold with something that I think is perfect for a tribute to Michael Jackson.

Will It Ever Stop?!?!

I've been so excited to blog the last couple of weeks, but I have simply not had the time! Here is a brief summary of what has been going on in the Edomms' world.

1. Family Staycation at The Great Wolf Lodge - The Edomms had a great time! I am so thankful that we didn't do a big trip and stayed close to home. Standby for a dedicated blog.
2. Andrew's new stats - We had his 4 month checkup! Standby for a dedicated blog.
3. Andrew gets sick - Last Monday thru Wednesday he was home with croup. It wasn't too bad; the highest his fever got was 100.8. He bounced right back!
4. Jacob gets sick - I got a call from daycare at 4:30 Wednesday afternoon that Jacob had a 101.8 fever. I immediately thought of Mary since we had just discussed the daycares calling late in the day about kids with fevers. I decided not to call the doctor because the baby bounced back so easily. Jacob kept a low grade fever (100-ish) until Saturday evening. He is finally feeling better and sleeping better.
5. Great weekend - We actually had a pretty nice weekend centered around the kids despite their not feeling up to par. We did some things around the house, and I actually took it easy and just played with the kids all weekend! Brian did the work around the house.
6. Brian gets sick - Monday night he started complaining that he just didn't feel right. Tuesday for his lunch break he went to his mom's to take a nap. He woke up at 4:00 and decided to pick up the kids from school. Tuesday night he had a 101 fever. He stayed home yesterday and slept all day. He's home again today. He says he feels a little better, and he was fever free yesterday (or so he told me).
7. Andrew's lips turn blue at daycare - WHAT?!?! Imagine that phone call. It went something like this, "I'm going to throw this out there, and do with it what you want. Andrew's lips have been turning blue off and on this morning. He's not cold, and he is as happy as he can be!" We were in the office for an hour and a half so that they could try to catch him in a blue-lipped moment. No such luck. So she gave me a prescription to give him for 5 days. The more I think about it, the more I think that he might have had a sleep apnea moment or something. To me, that's worse than an illness he could have! I have no control over his breathing in his sleep.

So that's been the last 2 weeks. I originally had a girls' nite planned for last Friday with my friend Cassie. Once Jacob got sick, we rescheduled for this Friday. After this week, I'm not cancelling at all! We are supposed to get pedicures and go to dinner.

Weekend with the Great Grandparents

We went to see Big Papa and Big Gaga last weekend. It rained while we were at Big Papa's so we had to stay inside the entire time. He has a lot of land, and it would've been nice to let Jacob run around. It was our first visit since Russell passed away, and it was a little weird. I didn't realize how much time I spent talking to Russ until this last visit. The house is much more quiet, too.

I had dressed both boys in their overalls because it's all that Big Papa ever wears. I thought it would be cute to get a picture. But leave it to Mother Nature to put a kink in those plans. Jacob pooped while we were in the car, and we didn't know until we got there. Then we had to bathe him to get him clean.

Brian was not feeling well Saturday night when we got home. So once we were up and moving on Sunday, I decided to take the boys to see Big Gaga and let Brian sleep in. The boys were so good! We did have a naughty stool incident at Gaga's (a few of you may have already heard about it). Basically, he was playing after he finished lunch. He was just messing with everything, and that just drives me crazy! So after threatening the naughty stool, I had to follow thru once he tested it. He was good after that!

Right before we left, Jacob cuddled up with Andrew on the floor. So sweet!

When we got home Sunday, it was hot in the house. I've thought for a while that there has been something wrong with our AC. Sure enough, we needed more coolant. My nagging was backed up again yesterday when I received my HIGH, HIGH, HIGH electric bill! I should've nagged a little louder and started a little earlier. The boys cuddled up again after naps on Sunday.

This is not as random as it looks. Brian was eating a fruit bar while he was giving Jacob a bath on Monday night. Jacob wanted some, so Brian gave it to him. Look at how happy he is!