Spring in January!

On January 30, the weather was absolutely beautiful! Since the weather men were calling for ice on the following Tuesday, I decided I better get those boys outside.

They got some little scooters for Christmas from Aunt Jann. We haven't been able to play with them at all since Christmas, so I took advantage of the beautiful weather by taking them to play with the scooters.

They Live Among Us, The End (Hopefully)

Well, we still have not caught any mice. Here's what I think happened.

When I found the evidence in our pantry, it was chilly outside. I think we were having highs in the 40's, so they probably thought our home was a perfectly warm place to stay for a bit. Then the weather became beautiful and warm! Ah...I love Texas! We didn't hear any scratching in walls or found no evidence anywhere. Not that we had heard a lot before that, but we didn't hear any for like a week. I kept all of the traps set and baited with peanut butter just incase they got hungry and came back to the pantry to look for some goodies.

Well last week we were frozen inside for 4-5 days. Literally frozen inside. Ice and snow were on the roads, and my boys were perfectly content playing inside the entire time, so I wasn't about to offer to take them outside. Anyway, on Friday morning, I walked into my bathroom to take some headache medicine. I was already a little ticked off because they had forecasted some snow, but we probably got 3 inches. I was starting to get cabin fever, and I was really wishing I had made a quick store run for the change of scenery the day before. Well, I noticed a few ants crawling on my counter. I screamed which woke up Brian. So I marched to our utility room to get the ant spray. When I returned to the bathroom and turned on the light, I saw TONS of teeny tiny ants crawling in a straight line on our floor. Now, what you should also know is that ants in the bathroom is not that unusual. After a really good rain shower, we get them. That being said, I have NEVER seen them like this. I was immediately disgusted and totally pissed off. It turns out that ants like peanut butter and warmer temperatures, too! We had put a mouse trap in our bathroom behind our toilet, and I guess the snow gave them the final push they needed to move in.

So Brian got up for real, sprayed the poison on the ants, removed the mouse trap that was covered in ants, and cleaned up the messes from all of this. He's my hero!