Andrew is 15 Months Old!

Andrew is 15 Months Old going on 3 years old! I swear, he seems so much older than when Jacob was 15 months old. Here's the quick list of his new tricks:

Size Stats
- 26 lb 3 oz - about a pound heavier than Jacob at 15 mos.
- 32 inches tall - the same height as Jacob at 15 mos.
- 48.5 cm head circumference - 1 cm bigger than Jacob at 15 mos.

- He is walking everywhere with pretty excellent balance, and now we're working on the running
- Climber! He loves to climb! He's not quite big enough to climb on the couches by himself, and he has not tried to climb out of his crib. But that is coming I'm sure. He does pretty well on the stairs but we keep the gate closed for his safety. He likes to climb on the little table that the boys use for breakfast and dinner. He has a hard time sitting down on the chair (bc he is so dang round), so he'll stand on the chair and wait for us
- Good Eater! This child will eat almost anything! I actually use him for my barometer on how well I cooked a meal. If he won't touch it, I messed it up. Then everyone gets peanut butter and jellies or grilled cheeses.
- Talker! Oh my goodness! I KNOW Jacob did not talk this much at 15 months. He now says Jacob quite often. And he can say fish, cheese, fan, chair, belly button, nose, no, mine, and Papa (my dad). No Mommy or Daddy yet, but we got him to say Papa over the weekend.
- He has become a little annoying to Jacob, but not too bad. The pediatrician told me at this visit, "Unless their lives are in danger or they draw blood, let them fight it out." I usually try to stay out of their way because I can't referee them all the time, nor do I have any interest in doing so! But now I can stay out of their way even more! It's actually kind of cute to see them fight. They don't do it very often. It's funny when Andrew takes something from Jacob, and Jacob starts to chase him. Andrew just turns to where Jacob can't reach him and he scurries away. FUNNY!
- He's still pretty dramatic when things don't go his way. It's nothing to see him start hitting himself or roll in the floor when he's not happy. You'll know for sure! But when he's happy he is the most cuddly little boy! And HAPPY!!!
- Andrew LOVES music! He dances a lot, too!

He is truly a joy, and I cannot imagine our lives without him!

Horse Picture

I LOVE this picture! I think Jacob looks so handsome! And, well, Andrew's face is priceless. It's even funnier because they had individual pictures, too. Jacob is smiling, and Andrew is crying. He actually has the exact same face that he has in this picture. And he has new clothes.

My boys are so amazing! I know I say that quite often. Jacob is completely into role playing right now. He likes to pretend to be Dr. Dickey (his pediatrician), a garbage man, an ambulance driver, and a firefighter. Yesterday he literally spent the entire day playing with his fire trucks pretending that Brian and I were on fire. With me he played out the entire scenario. I'm on fire (it's a little morbid as I write it); the firefighters put out the fire; then I get into the ambulance to go to the hospital (complete bed with a pillow, blanket, and stuffed animal for comfort); and then Dr. Dickey (Brian) comes to check me out at the hospital and wrap up my burns. The game took a turn for the worst when Brian told Jacob that Mr. Bananas (Jacob's favorite stuffed animal) had to be wrapped up because he had been on fire. Actually, the game was over after that.

Yesterday morning Jacob was pretending to be the postman. He brought delivered some letters to Andrew. You know...the magnetic letters that are on my fridge. :) I wish I had been awake to see it, but it was my morning to sleep in.