Quick Andrew Update

Andrew finally mastered crawling about 10 days ago. So now he shakes his little booty while he crawls all over the place trying to keep up with everyone else in the house. When he's had enough, he just cries. Kind of sad...mostly funny.

So Sunday I was surprised when I was in the living room, helping Jacob with his jacket, and I looked down to see that Andrew had pulled himself up on the couch. As if that weren't enough, then he started cruising! I guess he realizes the only way to keep up around our house is if you're up on 2 feet! :) I'm very proud of him!

In other news, I have to say a BIG Thank You to Brian for giving me Friday evening and half of Saturday off to spend the time doing whatever the hell I wanted! And what did I do with my time??! I finished with my Christmas shopping. We still have to wrap everything, but the presents that can be wrapped have been purchased.

Santa Pictures

I took the boys to see Santa on Saturday. I arrived at the mall when it opened, and we had to wait in line for an hour to see the jolly old elf. Jacob was fascinated with Santa while we were standing in line, so I thought he would be okay with taking a picture with him. Plus I was bribing him with cookies the entire way. No such luck. There was one kid in front of us, and Jacob started backing away from the line. When it was time to sit on Santa's lap, he had a total meltdown. Andrew was not scared at all. I love the picture because Jacob is trying really hard to smile. Maybe next year I won't have to be in the picture.

Here is last year's picture. We are improving. :)

Picture Day

We took the boys to get some Christmas pictures on Saturday. Take a peek!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving week did not go as expected, but in the end it was great! Brian wasn't feeling well the Friday before Thanksgiving. So he went to the doctor and got these killer prescriptions that totally knocked him out. Andrew was sick and not sleeping well starting Friday night. He didn't start sleeping even close to normally until the night before Thanksgiving.

Saturday before Thanksgiving, Jacob spent the night with my parents. He had a blast! They bought the boys these cute little John Deere boots, too. Jacob was so excited about his new boots, and he was completely refreshed after spending a night away from home.

Since Andrew was sick, Brian was unable to get much rest during the week. He had taken the week off from work, so it was a no-brainer that he would keep Andrew and I could go to work. By Wednesday, he was completely wiped out! I took Andrew to the doctor on Wednesday and the nurse confirmed that he had an ear infection.

Thanksgiving Day was great! We started the day at Grandmother's house with Antonio, Emily, and Sirius. Then we headed over to Steve's house. We watched the Cowboy game over there, and Jacob wore his Tony Romo jersey. He told us several times that he was Jacob Romo. Here is a picture of the boys' turkey shirts. We made one for Jacob for his first Thanksgiving, and I thought he would want to make one when he saw Andrew making one.

On Friday we started putting up our Christmas tree. On Sunday we actually finished. I had the best weekend with my boys! I cannot remember exactly what we did except make a trip to Costco and Target, but we had a lot of fun around the house. Jacob's new favorite song is "Santa Claus is Coming to Town." He especially likes the Kids Bop version and wants to hear it over and over again in the car. He sings it all the time!

Andrew is starting to get really clingy. I love and hate this stage. It is so cute how he is all over me, but I can barely leave the room. I'm just happy I don't have to take him back to school tomorrow.

Jacob wrote his name this morning. This is the closest I've seen him come yet. Go Jacob!

Happy Birthday To You

Jacob is starting to sing around the house. I love it! The other day he was singing "Happy Birthday." It was not anyone's birthday in the house. So we asked him whose birthday it was (assuming they sang it at school), and he replied, "my birthday." He also likes to sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and play the guitar that we got with Rock Band. In fact, anytime we see a guitar in a store he asks to play "Twinkle Little Star." Last night he was singing "Three Blind Mice," but those are the only words he knows. Last night after we put him to bed I could hear him singing a song (and it sounded pretty good for a 2 year old!), but I could not figure out what song it was. So sweet!

Jacob is also saying a lot of things that we say. Here is a list:
"Right now"
"Andrew, you okay" (this is only when Andrew is crying and will not stop; he learned it from me in the car)
"Yes ma'am" (this is fairly new...he learned it at school)
"I need to go potty really/very badly" (again from me. I usually say this on the weekend morning when I'm flying solo with the kids)
"How your day?"
"Pretty good"

He is also quite expressive with his frustration these days. He will hit the table, couch, wall, or anything else in sight when he gets mad; usually this comes after we tell him no for something that he really wants to do. Rarely he will hit one of us or Andrew. His new thing is that he will roar at us. It's kind of funny outside of the moment. We'll put him in time out, and, again this is only when he's really mad, he will make the sound and say very loudly "RRROOOAAARRR!"

Right now he is very excited about his new shoes! He and Andrew both LOVE shoes! The new shoes are a great threat for Jacob right now. That will probably run out soon, but it's working pretty well for now. Andrew will reach and scoot to shoes and try to chew on them, but we catch him before he can actually put them in his mouth. Okay, he has actually made it to one of Jacob's shoes and I caught him chewing on it. When Brian asked me how long he was chewing on it, I calmly replied "I don't know." The second child is treated so differently from the first!

One out of the two teeth that were about to break the gums in Andrew's mouth has come in. I really need to take a picture before they come in too much. His smile looks so funny right now! He does not have his front teeth (but one has broken the gums), but he has the next two teeth. I wish they had been in for Halloween because it looks a little vampire-ish. Then he has one bottom tooth, and a second has broken the gums. He was very interested in Jacob's books last night. It was amazing to watch! He would pull himself up on the book basket and pull them out. Then he would promptly put them in his mouth! I was trying to read a story to both boys last night, and Andrew started reaching for the book and was touching the pages. So then Jacob told me he wanted to touch the book. They were both so into the book (but I'm sure they did not hear the story...or the part I actually got to read). Andrew is now eating sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, green beans, and peas. He has had some banana, but we wanted to make sure he would eat vegetables before we make it a regular food for him.

In other news, work is GREAT with the new boss! I love it and look forward to going every single day! Life is good!

New Tricks!

I sent an email to Aunt Megs last night and realized just how many cool things the boys are doing these days.

Jacob is just about completely potty trained. He still sleeps in a diaper, but that's just to make life easier for us for now. I think they put him in a pull up for nap time, too, at school. He has also learned how to dress himself...almost completely. He can put on everything except his shirt by himself. He gets scared when he's putting his shirt over his head. I love it how he is so proud of himself every day when he dresses and undresses himself. Jacob sang his ABC's almost perfectly the other night, too! He even said the "L M N O P." I was so proud of him, so I gave him some candy. And they are teaching the kids how to count to 15 at school. He's getting pretty good at that, too. I love to watch him count things around the house.

Andrew isn't crawling yet, but he's getting closer. He will sit in the living room forever and play by himself while we get ready in the morning and entertaining Jacob. There is such a difference in the play habits between the two boys. Jacob wants our attention all the time, but Andrew is content sitting up where he can see everyone with a ton of toys in front of him. He has cut 2 teeth and literally has another 5 or 6 working their way in. He has mostly good days, but we definitely have bad nights with those teeth. He wakes up about once in the night to eat (another bullet we need to bite and just deal with his crying). He has started to refuse any solid foods except rice cereal. We think the teeth may be playing a part in that, too. So last night, Brian was trying to feed him, and he would just pierce his little lips. So Brian put the spoon on the high chair tray just to see what Andrew would do. He picked up the spoon and put it right in his mouth (yes, there was food on the spoon)! He did this several times before he was done. And then, of course, he would not eat any more solid food. Andrew also likes to wave these days. He will just randomly stick out his hand, and twist it back and forth. I even saw him do it to a little stuffed animal the other day. Friendly little guy!

Both boys play pretty well together. Andrew has begun to throw little fits when I won't let him play with something that he really wants. I can't believe he knows how to do that this early (he'll be 7 months old tomorrow)! I've been bringing down toys that Jacob liked when he was Andrew's age. And it amazes me that Jacob still loves each of those toys. I'm not sure if it's the toy he likes or if it's that he just doesn't want Andrew to play with it just yet. It's probably a little bit of both.

Happy Halloween!

I had so much fun with the boys this Halloween! Friday was the annual Parade of Costumes at the daycare. Jacob ran around the parking lot like he did while flying around the house as Buzz.

Andrew snoozes before the parade

Saturday we all got up early and had a really awesome day. Around 4:00 we started to get the boys dressed in the costumes. Once they were ready, we headed over to see Big Gaga. We practiced with Jacob the entire way over by telling him that if he didn't say, "Trick or Treat," then Big Gaga would not give him any candy.

Jacob knocks on Big Gaga's door

The boys with Big Gaga; Andrew and Big Gaga. Even though his eyes are closed, I still think it is a cute picture.

Then we went to Grandmother's house. Aunt Em and No No (Antonio) were going to come over to see the boys, too. So we ate some dinner and hung out for a while. Jacob helped Grandmother give candy to the neighborhood kids. I didn't take a picture of it, but he was too cute. He would hold the giant bowl of candy and tell everyone "Happy Halloween" as they walked away. We ended up leaving there around 9:30. Jacob was so tired!

Jacob knocks on Grandmother's door; the boys and Grandmother

Sunday is football day in our house. I don't really sit down and watch any games, but I like to have one on for background noise. After Dallas beat Kansas City, I decided it was okay to buy a Romo jersey for Jacob (I was not about to buy one after they lost). So we made a big deal about it so that he'd be excited about his Romo jersey and football. Then I dressed Andrew in his little football sleeper outfit. Then I took these super cute pictures.

Poor Jacob only saw the last minute of the Cowboy game because it was on during nap time.


As promised, here are some pictures from the last two months.

The slideshow includes:

- A visit to Grandma Rose and Papa's house

- The Halloween costumes - Buzz Lightyear and Woody the Cowboy

- Andrew sitting up

- Andrew's messy face ( I love the messy face pictures. We have a ton of Jacob!)

- Andrew plays with Jacob's toys

- Jacob's visit to the pumpkin patch

- Boo at the Zoo

I added a few random pictures, too.

Busy Busy Busy

I haven't been able to blog in such a long time. My work situation recently changed in two ways. 1) Helen, my assistant, quit working for us. :( I completely understand, but she is already missed. So that means I am back to working 5 days a week. 2) My brother is now my boss!! I loved working for my dad (and he's still here, but strictly a salesman now), but things are much more fast-paced with Steve. I love it!

The kids have been pretty good. Andrew is cutting teeth right now, so he was home from daycare with a fever for the last two days. It's weird. He is cutting his upper canine teeth. Poor baby! I think he's finally feeling better since one broke through the gums. He is still trying to crawl, and he is eating up those solid foods! He really likes the butternut squash and bananas. He also tried sweet peas last night, but once he saw the milk wagon, he was not into eating them at all! He is sitting up so well these days, too! He has also learned what the remote control is. Whenever he sees one, he launches himself towards it. He now has his own to chew on.

And my sweet Jacob has been particularly cute lately. Yesterday was the first day he asked, "Why?" when I asked him to do something. It took me by surprise, and I hope he flies through this phase. I just don't know if I could handle it long term. Last night he told me, "Mommy, go away" when I was hanging around to see if he needed help on the potty. On the way home from school he informed me that, "Daddy stay home with Andrew. Andrew go to doctor office. Get shot. Andrew feeling better." That's a pretty good little thought process for the little guy! I said nothing about the doctor, but he did hear me tell the teachers at school that Andrew was feeling better. I think Jacob has missed his Mommy time in the last couple of months. I've been making more of an effort to spend some one on one time with him, and he seems to have a better attitude overall.

I swear that pictures and videos are coming! I feel better just telling some stories about the kids for now.

Andrew is 6 Months Old!

I am still in shock that Andrew is 6 months old! When I think of him, I see him as the 2 month old baby that he was when I went back to work. So here is his update:
  • He weighs 17 lbs, 4.25 oz
  • He is 27" tall
  • His head is 44.5 cm around
  • Today he finally became the little roly poly that I've been waiting for him to become! I saw him roll over more times today than he has total in the last 2 months!
  • He is trying to crawl. He can get up on all fours, rock, and scoot backwards. He'll be crawling around here in no time!
  • We are pretty sure he finally got a tooth. His gums are still a little swollen, but I'm about 99.9% sure his first tooth has broken through.
  • We are also working on his sitting up! He can balance pretty well.
  • His sleeping is not at all like it was when he was 2 months old. He wakes up about twice each night, and I'm just about over it. He has been spoiled since he got sick a while back. About two weeks ago, we moved him into the nursery with Jacob. Now I have to run across the house to get him in the middle of the night. It's on the list! :)
  • I gave him carrots tonight for the first time. He LOVED them! He was lunging for the next bite. I can't wait to try it again tomorrow.
  • He is the sweetest little boy! His smile makes everything worth it, and he smiles a lot! I am so happy he is a part of our family!

Here is a video of his little belly laugh. There is no better sound in the world than a laughing baby!

Back to Reality

At the end of last week, I attended a Family Business Conference. About a year and a half ago, our business hired a family business consultant to help us transition the business to the 3rd generation, and they invited us to this event. It was great! I went with Steve and one of my uncles, and we were pampered for a day and a half with great food and great company and tons of information that was pertinant to our business! We actually met a couple of guys from Wyoming who are a few years younger than us and who work in a metal shop that deals with HVAC (a little different than Astro, but it's still a family owned metal fabrication shop).

I was very eager on Friday to get home to spend time with the kids. It was probably the most beautiful day we've seen in several months here in Dallas, so Brian and I decided we would pack up the kids and have a picnic and play at the park. This is where it gets interesting!

Andrew was acting like his tummy was bothering him before we ever left the house, so I knew what was coming; I just didn't know how much! After we ate at the park, I took him back to the car to change his diaper. WOW! A major blowout was awaiting me! It amazes me how he can do that and very little actually makes it into the diaper. So it was kind of a big deal to clean him up. If we had been at home, I would've given him a bath. Then Jacob had an accident while we were eating dinner. Since I took care of Andrew, Brian took care of Jacob. He was soaked! Then we played for a while. It was really fun! The kids seemed to enjoy getting outside for a while. Then it was time to go home. Andrew was a little fussy because he was so tired. So he had barely drifted off to sleep when Jacob spilled water on himself. Not a big deal except Jacob acted like it was hurting him and cried and whined about it. All of the commotion woke up Andrew. So both boys cried all the way home and made a competition out of the entire trip home trying to out-cry the other. Brian and I just laughed in the front seat. We gave ourselves an A for effort, but decided we should've left the park about 10 minutes earlier.

Saturday morning both boys were awake and ready to go at 6:00 a.m. (side note: this morning it was 5:30. WTH?!?!). It was one of those days where once one got settled, the other had to do something to get attention. Jacob has an accident, Andrew spits up. Jacob spills milk, Andrew has a blowout. They were actually very good all weekend, but it was definitely a harsh welcome back to reality!

Now I'll brag on them! I mean, it's not their fault that I hung up my mommy hat for a few days and was completely unprepared to put it back on! :) Jacob is still doing very well with his potty training! He had quite a few accidents on Saturday, but he and Brian had gone shopping and got some cool underwear. So we let him wear some of his new underwear yesterday and told him he would have to wear white underwear if he had an accident. It worked! And I'm hoping it works again today at school. He still wears a diaper at night, and we put him in a diaper yesterday for nap time. One step at a time!

Andrew completely surprised me this weekend! He loves to look at himself in the mirror (he never gets tired of it). So I decided to give him some tummy time in front of the mirror on Saturday. He could get his little knees underneath himself and then he'd scoot backwards. Then he started practicing getting up on all fours! And then, for a special treat for all of us, he showed off how he figured out how to throw his body weight forward! So maybe we'll have a crawler soon. I also spent time helping him sit up in front of the mirror. His balance is better than I expected! I just sat there to catch him when he fell over. He will be 6 months old on Wednesday, and I just can't believe it! He still seems like the little 2 month old baby that I had when I went back to work. For his 6 month birthday, he's getting some shots including his flu shot. Oh...and Jacob gets one, too!

Halloween Costumes

I'm sure I have better pictures on my digital camera, but I wanted to post the pictures I took with my phone. Introducing Woody the Cowboy and Buzz Lightyear!

The boys were watching Toy Story while I finished getting ready for work this morning. I had just walked out of the bedroom, and I heard Andrew fussing. Jacob was hugging on him while he was in the exersaucer. Jacob was all over him! So I told Jacob to get off of Andrew, and he immediately stood up, held both of his arms out in front of him towards Andrew, and said, "I hold Andrew." Then he started moving closer to Andrew as if he were going to pick him up out of the exersaucer. Funny!
Jacob had another accident-free day at school, but he had one at home last night. No biggie! I also noticed that he made it all the way through his nap without an accident. He's getting so big!
We have no real plans for this weekend, so I hope to work around the house. We still need to get everything replaced from our water leak (yes...we are THAT far behind), and I have several other things I would like for the contractor to do at our house. So I hope to work all of that out so that we can get moving on actually fixing everything. I think Brian wants to take Jacob to the zoo, too! I'm not off on Monday because I scheduled a million things to do at the office for next week. Have a great weekend!

Quick Hit

Jacob had no accidents at school or home yesterday! Brian and I are so proud of him!

No School

Jacob was sick Labor Day weekend. We visited my parents on that Saturday, and he felt warm that evening when we got home. The next morning he was burning up, so we took his temperature. Sure enough, he had a 101 fever, and maintained it for the next 3 days. He loved staying home with Mommy on Tuesday and Wednesday! We had so much fun! On Tuesday I took him to Toys R Us with me to get a toddler bed for him. We converted his crib into a full size bed in June, 2008. Andrew is still in the pack 'n play in our room, and we're not quite ready to move Jacob upstairs. We have always wanted to get the boys bunk beds, and he's not big enough yet to be upstairs by himself with the bunk beds. SCARY! So we decided to get the toddler bed and convert the full size bed back into the crib and put both boys in the nursery. Jacob absolutely loves his "cool" new bed and has not fallen out of it (I thought he would since he had so much more room in the other bed). The sheet set and bed have a Cars theme, so he's totally in love with it! I hope to convert the bed back to a crib this weekend. Jacob and I also hit the grocery store and Target to get birthday presents for Anna and Mia. He was a perfect angel for me!

Needless to say, when he had to go back to school on Thursday he was not happy. He told me Thursday morning, "Andrew go to school." I told him, "Jacob and Andrew are going to school today." "NO! NO! NO!" Brian said that Ms. Little, Jacob's teacher, had to literally pry Jacob off of him. Friday was a little better, but then we had a weekend. Oh yeah, and my Mondays off began on September 14. So when he saw that I was not getting ready to go to work on that Monday, he thought he was going to stay home with me. So Brian had to deal with two more days of meltdowns at school. Jacob is finally doing better now.

I have several videos and pictures to post. I have a video of Andrew laughing; Jacob playing like he is the pizza man; Jacob pretending to be Buzz Lightyear; and pictures of the boys in their Halloween costumes. I just keep forgetting to bring my camera to work!

God's Little Gifts

I enjoy the times of parenting where you can actually see in your kids that you are doing something right with them. I had a moment the other night with Jacob and Mr. Bananas, his little stuffed monkey. He told me that Mr. Bananas wanted to take a nap. So he put the little monkey beside him on his pillow, and both of them curled up on their bellies. I asked if he was going to sing to Mr. Bananas to help him go to sleep, and he said yes. So he proceeds to pat the monkey's back and sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in its entirety. I wish I had had the video camera. He was patting his back so softly and singing so quietly. Too sweet!

In other Jacob news he is doing awesome with his potty training! We decided to put him in underwear last week because he was starting to take his diaper off whenever he needed a new one. So he wore underwear for 3 days last week and had 3 accidents each day. He would also go potty at school which he had not done previously. So I considered that a success! This week he has had 1 accident each day! On Monday he stopped playing on the playground to tell his teacher that he needed to go potty. So it appears we are making some huge strides in the potty department. Now we reward him for telling us he has to go potty rather than his actually going potty. The stickers are still working for a reward, too! Way to go Jacob!

Do They Look Alike?!?!

Jacob at 4 Months

Andrew at 4 Months

Rain Man

Jacob is so full of life! He is so much fun to watch and talk to these days, and I'm working very hard to savor every moment! Yesterday morning he woke up and came running out of his room. He found me in the kitchen and told me, "Hi Mommy! Hi Mommy!" Then he ran into the living room, stopped in front of the TV, and did a little jig (the TV was off and there wasn't any music playing through the house). It was too cute, and I knew that it was a moment just for me; no time for a video camera and no chance of getting him to do it again. He and Brian have gone outside to wave goodbye to me just about every day this week! It's so sweet! This morning he added in, "I love you Truck! I love you Mommy!"

Yesterday morning Andrew waited until Brian loaded him in the carseat to completely let loose in his diaper. Brian said there was poop EVERYWHERE! He told me last night "That diaper never had a chance." Anyway, he has to dress nicely (slacks, shirt and tie) for work, so he put on latex gloves to clean Andrew's mess. He's done this once before, and Jacob talked about how he was scared of Daddy's gloves for about a month. But yesterday morning Jacob got a sock and put it on his hand to help Daddy clean Andrew's mess. Brian said he was really cute! He said that after everything was cleaned up, Jacob went to the carseat and was wiping it with his little socked hand.

Lately he has reminded me of Rain Man when he talks. If something is out of place, he begins his sentence with Uh-Oh! "Uh-oh, Daddy's sock." "Uh-oh, Jacob's towel." He's so particular about that stuff.

His favorite movie right now is Toy Story. He loves the song "Here We Go Looby Loo," so when you ask him what day it is he'll say Saturday.


I went to a little Meet the Teacher thing for Jacob's class last night. I'm very excited about this school year for him! His teacher is very sweet, young, and full of energy! She seems extremely passionate about this age group. Throughout the year they will be working with the kids to connect different concepts and communication skills. They also focus on potty training.

Jacob does not like change very much, so I stayed after the meeting to talk one-on-one with Ms. Little. She said he is doing well and participating in class, and he loves to help her carry the art supplies! We must've chatted for 30 - 45 minutes after the meeting was over.

Andrew got a new teacher in his class. She is actually a teacher that Jacob had briefly a year or so ago. Andrew's old teacher, Ms. McDaniel, is now working in the office, and I found out last night that she spends some mornings in Jacob's room. She LOVED Andrew, and I could tell he loved her, too! I hope she still gets to sneak into the infant room for some cuddle time! :)

I have decided to change my work schedule so that I can grabe just a tad of down time. I just feel like I'm constantly running and running! So starting September 14, I will be off every Monday!! Brian is taking the kids out of the house on Sunday so that I can have a kid-free night and morning. I feel so relieved that there is a break in sight!

Andrew's New Stats

Andrew, April 7

I took Andrew for his 4 month checkup on August 7. Here's an update on our chunky monkey:
  • His weight was 15 lb. 14 oz. - 71st percentile
  • He was 25.5 inches long - 70th percentile
  • His head isn't too big, I think it's in the 42nd percentile
  • He handled his shots like a champ! He didn't cry at all until she stuck him the second time (and this nurse was super slow with the shots)
  • He sleeps all night! We put him down around 8:30 or 9:00 (which happens to be right after Jacob goes down), and he usually wakes up around 5:30 or 6:00. It's funny...just as we finish singing lullabies to Jacob, Andrew is screaming for his last feeding.
  • He is a total snuggle bug! He loves to be cuddled!
  • He loves to sleep with a blanket. Jacob wakes up from a dead sleep when you put a blanket on him.
  • He still loves his brother! I love to watch the boys interact with each other because you can see that they truly love each other. Of course, I hope this lasts forever, but I know it won't. Not like this anyway.
  • He startles easily. Jacob loves for you to jump out from behind a door and scare him, but Andrew cries when you scare him. He gets startled at the smallest thing, too, like if you cover your eyes, uncover them really fast, and say Boo! Funny!
  • He loves his mommy! Again, I love the look on his face when he hears my voice first thing in the morning. And he can't wait to get his hands on me when he gets home from school.
  • He loves his daddy, too! He just laughs and laughs for Brian. I barely get a giggle.
  • He is probably one of the happiest and most content babies I've ever seen! His smile is so big to go along with those big eyes!
  • First family vacation - August 6 - 9
  • First time to go swimming - August 8
  • First time to roll over - August 14 - from his belly to his back
  • First time to laugh - August 23 - for Daddy while he was getting tickled
  • He has made me appreciate both of my babies more than I ever have before!

August 6

Stay-cation at the Great Wolf Lodge

For the last few years, our entire family has gone on vacation together. This year, because my kids are so young, my mom suggested we go to the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine. Brian and I had been really looking forward to the vacation since that moment! We didn't want to take the kids on an airplane yet, and a road trip could be tough, too.
So Thursday night everybody went to dinner together at Fireside Pies. Andrew was extremely fussy which is out of character for him. We thought he might not like the loud music. I had to go to the car to feed him because he would not take a bottle (it was still a little cold). Then he slept, but he was still a little fussy. Jacob had so much fun with Aunt Gloria and Matthew!
Brian and I took off work on Friday so that we could go to the hotel and hang out with my parents. We had a Casino Night to attend that night, so we were planning to spend the night to help out our parents. We finally arrived at the hotel around 11:00. Brian took Jacob swimming. I had to take Andrew for his 4 month checkup, so I decided to swim when we got back from the doctor. My parents watched the kids while the 6 of us (Edomms, Hicks, and Paxtons) went to Casino Night.
On Saturday Jacob was in the pool for a total of about 6 or 7 hours! He LOVES the water! Unfortunately we did not get a lot of pictures. We were too busy playing! He went down a little slide that they had about 100 times. He was really cute! That was the best day of the weekend. Brian got to leave for a little while to get a haircut. I got to take a nap...it was about 3 hours long! The Hicks and Paxtons decided to come to the hotel on Saturday. They all arrived around 9:30 and they left around 6:00. Since Jacob was having so much fun, we decided to crash another night at the hotel. We went to dinner that night with my parents at Uncle Julio's.
Sunday we had all of a 20 minute drive home (have I mentioned how much I loved staying close to home). We finally got to use our new bag-unpacker....Jacob. He had so much fun taking our things out of the bags and putting them up (seriously!). After naps, we decided to go swimming at Grandmother's house. It was truly the perfect weekend escape from the real world!

Here I am trying to take a cool shot like the ones Lynette takes.

Jacob's Michael Jackson Tribute

Yes, it has been 2 months since Michael Jackson passed away, or was murdered as we found out yesterday. I have tried and tried to get video of the boys dancing, but they just are not as eager to dance as the little girls. I finally have struck gold with something that I think is perfect for a tribute to Michael Jackson.

Will It Ever Stop?!?!

I've been so excited to blog the last couple of weeks, but I have simply not had the time! Here is a brief summary of what has been going on in the Edomms' world.

1. Family Staycation at The Great Wolf Lodge - The Edomms had a great time! I am so thankful that we didn't do a big trip and stayed close to home. Standby for a dedicated blog.
2. Andrew's new stats - We had his 4 month checkup! Standby for a dedicated blog.
3. Andrew gets sick - Last Monday thru Wednesday he was home with croup. It wasn't too bad; the highest his fever got was 100.8. He bounced right back!
4. Jacob gets sick - I got a call from daycare at 4:30 Wednesday afternoon that Jacob had a 101.8 fever. I immediately thought of Mary since we had just discussed the daycares calling late in the day about kids with fevers. I decided not to call the doctor because the baby bounced back so easily. Jacob kept a low grade fever (100-ish) until Saturday evening. He is finally feeling better and sleeping better.
5. Great weekend - We actually had a pretty nice weekend centered around the kids despite their not feeling up to par. We did some things around the house, and I actually took it easy and just played with the kids all weekend! Brian did the work around the house.
6. Brian gets sick - Monday night he started complaining that he just didn't feel right. Tuesday for his lunch break he went to his mom's to take a nap. He woke up at 4:00 and decided to pick up the kids from school. Tuesday night he had a 101 fever. He stayed home yesterday and slept all day. He's home again today. He says he feels a little better, and he was fever free yesterday (or so he told me).
7. Andrew's lips turn blue at daycare - WHAT?!?! Imagine that phone call. It went something like this, "I'm going to throw this out there, and do with it what you want. Andrew's lips have been turning blue off and on this morning. He's not cold, and he is as happy as he can be!" We were in the office for an hour and a half so that they could try to catch him in a blue-lipped moment. No such luck. So she gave me a prescription to give him for 5 days. The more I think about it, the more I think that he might have had a sleep apnea moment or something. To me, that's worse than an illness he could have! I have no control over his breathing in his sleep.

So that's been the last 2 weeks. I originally had a girls' nite planned for last Friday with my friend Cassie. Once Jacob got sick, we rescheduled for this Friday. After this week, I'm not cancelling at all! We are supposed to get pedicures and go to dinner.

Weekend with the Great Grandparents

We went to see Big Papa and Big Gaga last weekend. It rained while we were at Big Papa's so we had to stay inside the entire time. He has a lot of land, and it would've been nice to let Jacob run around. It was our first visit since Russell passed away, and it was a little weird. I didn't realize how much time I spent talking to Russ until this last visit. The house is much more quiet, too.

I had dressed both boys in their overalls because it's all that Big Papa ever wears. I thought it would be cute to get a picture. But leave it to Mother Nature to put a kink in those plans. Jacob pooped while we were in the car, and we didn't know until we got there. Then we had to bathe him to get him clean.

Brian was not feeling well Saturday night when we got home. So once we were up and moving on Sunday, I decided to take the boys to see Big Gaga and let Brian sleep in. The boys were so good! We did have a naughty stool incident at Gaga's (a few of you may have already heard about it). Basically, he was playing after he finished lunch. He was just messing with everything, and that just drives me crazy! So after threatening the naughty stool, I had to follow thru once he tested it. He was good after that!

Right before we left, Jacob cuddled up with Andrew on the floor. So sweet!

When we got home Sunday, it was hot in the house. I've thought for a while that there has been something wrong with our AC. Sure enough, we needed more coolant. My nagging was backed up again yesterday when I received my HIGH, HIGH, HIGH electric bill! I should've nagged a little louder and started a little earlier. The boys cuddled up again after naps on Sunday.

This is not as random as it looks. Brian was eating a fruit bar while he was giving Jacob a bath on Monday night. Jacob wanted some, so Brian gave it to him. Look at how happy he is!