Weekend in Red Oak

It turned out to be a good weekend to go to Red Oak. My parents had Matthew for the weekend. I thought he would be a little upset that he had to share my parents, but he did so well! Jacob just adores Matthew and thinks he is the coolest! Matthew was so nice to Jacob, and he was fascinated with Andrew. He woke up Sunday morning and asked how "Little Andrew" was doing. All of the kids were so good all weekend! Here are some pics.

Grandma Rose & Andrew

The 3 Boys

Matthew & Andrew

Jacob and Matthew on the gator

Jacob's Videos

Here are a few videos of Jacob. He is talking so much these days! Enjoy!

Water Leak

While I was in the hospital, my mom came over to the house to clean. She told me that she thought we had a water leak and to watch a certain spot in the house. A week ago, I was working around the house and decided to steam the floors. Before I steamed this particular spot on the floor, I decided to touch it to see if the wood floors were warping. Sure enough...it was. So I thought the leak was coming from our dishwasher. I'll spare you all of the painful details, but it turned out to come from a joint that is supposed to be above the slab but it was actually in our slab.

So I packed up the kiddos and headed down to my parents' house for the weekend. I did not want them here for the repair. They had to bring in a jackhammer and pull up part of the floor to fix the leak. We are back home for now because Brian has treated all of the exposed mold with Tea Tree Oil. We are going to get all new wood flooring out of the deal and a couple of new cabinets. We'll have to leave for at least another week when they finally get here to fix the damage caused by the water. We've wanted new floors since we moved in, so we like that!

Check Ups

On April 21st, my mom and I took the boys for their 2 year and 2 week check ups. WOW! I'm thankful I have good kids because that whole day was a total adventure. Of course, I over-scheduled myself. I decided to go into work that morning, have lunch at the shop, take the boys to the doctor, go to my doctor for an incision check, and take Andrew for his second PKU Test. It was a very long day, and everyone was a good sport about my poor judgement. :)

Jacob's Stats:
Weight: 29 lbs 9.6 oz
Height: 35-1/2 in.
Head: 49-1/2 cm

He is perfectly healthy!!! He got 2 more vaccinations, and he handled it all pretty well. He knew something was going on when 3 of us held him down, and he cried. But he got over it pretty fast. For the rest of the day he would not let us forget that his leg hurt.

Andrew's Stats:
Weight: 7 lbs 8 oz
Height: 20-1/2 in
Head: 37-1/2 cm

He is also perfectly healthy! Who could ask for more?!?! He was a true champ during the day. I fed him just enough to get him by all day, and he just slept thru the rest. Well, he cried during his PKU test. He woke up as we were getting to the hospital, and I was feeding him just before the nurse came into the room. So I knew he'd be upset. Then he spit up all over himself when I went in for my incision check. My doctor thought that was hilarious! I told him it was the perfect ending to my day.

Here are a few pics of the boys.

Jacob wanted to read his books to Andrew

My 3 boys! I love this picture!

Jacob's Birthday

Jacob's birthday was April 15. Throughout my pregnancy I was very worried about his birthday getting lost in the shuffle. My brother and his wife had the idea that they could come over on Jacob's birthday and help us celebrate. I knew my mom would be in town that day, and so we decided to make it a party; I called everyone the night before to let them know that we were going to do a low-key birthday party for Jacob.

We gave Jacob this cool desk that my mom and I found at Target where he can "cogor" (color). He also got a Sit-n-Spin from Grandmother and a bubbles mower from Matthew and this thing called an Aquadoodle from my parents. Here are some pics from the party.

The Edomms

Papa, Grandma Rose, and the grandkids

Jacob opens gifts

Jacob and Grandmother

Jacob enjoys Tia's brownie with icing