So Little Time

Oh my goodness! I do not have any good excuses like Amy and Mary for being blog-lazy. I guess it is just a crazy time. I've got 2 drafts saved, but the posts need pictures and videos. I've been a little behind at work until just a few days ago, and so I've been completely disinterested in looking at my computer in the evenings. So here's a quick update on the stars of my life...the boys.

Jacob can write his name!! I am so proud of him! They started teaching him at school by having him trace the letters they wrote in yellow. But he was free-handing it in no time. Way to go buddy!!

Andrew said his first sentence Saturday morning. "More Waffle Please." It's too bad , he was throwing a fit while he was saying it and I was unable to reward him for asking nicely. I'm proud of him, too! Tonight I helped him with something, and I said, "Now say thank you." He understood exactly what I said, threw his arms out, and made some noise that was his way of saying it, too. He's got the Please thing down; so now we'll work on Thank You.

If you see my facebook posts, you know how much my kids like to play with cleaning tools, particularly floor cleaning tools. Brooms, dust pans, swiffers, steamers, and vacuum cleaners are a huge hit in my house! I just wish they could use them all for real. They can also help to load laundry, move it from the washer to the dryer, and move the dry clothes onto the couch. That is wonderful!

Jacob is also learning to read!! He can recognize the words Fire and Truck in a book we have. His teacher says he is very interested in learning words in some of the games they play.

Andrew has been teething recently and has been quite pitiful. We've been letting him cry it out (he was sleeping all night until this came up), so he is just about completely hoarse. Tonight, for an added bonus, he had the reddest bottom I've ever seen. He was walking around like an old man, and even a cool bath didn't feel good to him. I hope the pitiful days don't last too much longer. I'm ready for my happy boy to be back!

I hope to post the pictures and videos soon! My boys are so precious to me, and I love sharing them on the blog.