Halloween Costumes

I'm sure I have better pictures on my digital camera, but I wanted to post the pictures I took with my phone. Introducing Woody the Cowboy and Buzz Lightyear!

The boys were watching Toy Story while I finished getting ready for work this morning. I had just walked out of the bedroom, and I heard Andrew fussing. Jacob was hugging on him while he was in the exersaucer. Jacob was all over him! So I told Jacob to get off of Andrew, and he immediately stood up, held both of his arms out in front of him towards Andrew, and said, "I hold Andrew." Then he started moving closer to Andrew as if he were going to pick him up out of the exersaucer. Funny!
Jacob had another accident-free day at school, but he had one at home last night. No biggie! I also noticed that he made it all the way through his nap without an accident. He's getting so big!
We have no real plans for this weekend, so I hope to work around the house. We still need to get everything replaced from our water leak (yes...we are THAT far behind), and I have several other things I would like for the contractor to do at our house. So I hope to work all of that out so that we can get moving on actually fixing everything. I think Brian wants to take Jacob to the zoo, too! I'm not off on Monday because I scheduled a million things to do at the office for next week. Have a great weekend!

Quick Hit

Jacob had no accidents at school or home yesterday! Brian and I are so proud of him!

No School

Jacob was sick Labor Day weekend. We visited my parents on that Saturday, and he felt warm that evening when we got home. The next morning he was burning up, so we took his temperature. Sure enough, he had a 101 fever, and maintained it for the next 3 days. He loved staying home with Mommy on Tuesday and Wednesday! We had so much fun! On Tuesday I took him to Toys R Us with me to get a toddler bed for him. We converted his crib into a full size bed in June, 2008. Andrew is still in the pack 'n play in our room, and we're not quite ready to move Jacob upstairs. We have always wanted to get the boys bunk beds, and he's not big enough yet to be upstairs by himself with the bunk beds. SCARY! So we decided to get the toddler bed and convert the full size bed back into the crib and put both boys in the nursery. Jacob absolutely loves his "cool" new bed and has not fallen out of it (I thought he would since he had so much more room in the other bed). The sheet set and bed have a Cars theme, so he's totally in love with it! I hope to convert the bed back to a crib this weekend. Jacob and I also hit the grocery store and Target to get birthday presents for Anna and Mia. He was a perfect angel for me!

Needless to say, when he had to go back to school on Thursday he was not happy. He told me Thursday morning, "Andrew go to school." I told him, "Jacob and Andrew are going to school today." "NO! NO! NO!" Brian said that Ms. Little, Jacob's teacher, had to literally pry Jacob off of him. Friday was a little better, but then we had a weekend. Oh yeah, and my Mondays off began on September 14. So when he saw that I was not getting ready to go to work on that Monday, he thought he was going to stay home with me. So Brian had to deal with two more days of meltdowns at school. Jacob is finally doing better now.

I have several videos and pictures to post. I have a video of Andrew laughing; Jacob playing like he is the pizza man; Jacob pretending to be Buzz Lightyear; and pictures of the boys in their Halloween costumes. I just keep forgetting to bring my camera to work!

God's Little Gifts

I enjoy the times of parenting where you can actually see in your kids that you are doing something right with them. I had a moment the other night with Jacob and Mr. Bananas, his little stuffed monkey. He told me that Mr. Bananas wanted to take a nap. So he put the little monkey beside him on his pillow, and both of them curled up on their bellies. I asked if he was going to sing to Mr. Bananas to help him go to sleep, and he said yes. So he proceeds to pat the monkey's back and sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in its entirety. I wish I had had the video camera. He was patting his back so softly and singing so quietly. Too sweet!

In other Jacob news he is doing awesome with his potty training! We decided to put him in underwear last week because he was starting to take his diaper off whenever he needed a new one. So he wore underwear for 3 days last week and had 3 accidents each day. He would also go potty at school which he had not done previously. So I considered that a success! This week he has had 1 accident each day! On Monday he stopped playing on the playground to tell his teacher that he needed to go potty. So it appears we are making some huge strides in the potty department. Now we reward him for telling us he has to go potty rather than his actually going potty. The stickers are still working for a reward, too! Way to go Jacob!

Do They Look Alike?!?!

Jacob at 4 Months

Andrew at 4 Months

Rain Man

Jacob is so full of life! He is so much fun to watch and talk to these days, and I'm working very hard to savor every moment! Yesterday morning he woke up and came running out of his room. He found me in the kitchen and told me, "Hi Mommy! Hi Mommy!" Then he ran into the living room, stopped in front of the TV, and did a little jig (the TV was off and there wasn't any music playing through the house). It was too cute, and I knew that it was a moment just for me; no time for a video camera and no chance of getting him to do it again. He and Brian have gone outside to wave goodbye to me just about every day this week! It's so sweet! This morning he added in, "I love you Truck! I love you Mommy!"

Yesterday morning Andrew waited until Brian loaded him in the carseat to completely let loose in his diaper. Brian said there was poop EVERYWHERE! He told me last night "That diaper never had a chance." Anyway, he has to dress nicely (slacks, shirt and tie) for work, so he put on latex gloves to clean Andrew's mess. He's done this once before, and Jacob talked about how he was scared of Daddy's gloves for about a month. But yesterday morning Jacob got a sock and put it on his hand to help Daddy clean Andrew's mess. Brian said he was really cute! He said that after everything was cleaned up, Jacob went to the carseat and was wiping it with his little socked hand.

Lately he has reminded me of Rain Man when he talks. If something is out of place, he begins his sentence with Uh-Oh! "Uh-oh, Daddy's sock." "Uh-oh, Jacob's towel." He's so particular about that stuff.

His favorite movie right now is Toy Story. He loves the song "Here We Go Looby Loo," so when you ask him what day it is he'll say Saturday.


I went to a little Meet the Teacher thing for Jacob's class last night. I'm very excited about this school year for him! His teacher is very sweet, young, and full of energy! She seems extremely passionate about this age group. Throughout the year they will be working with the kids to connect different concepts and communication skills. They also focus on potty training.

Jacob does not like change very much, so I stayed after the meeting to talk one-on-one with Ms. Little. She said he is doing well and participating in class, and he loves to help her carry the art supplies! We must've chatted for 30 - 45 minutes after the meeting was over.

Andrew got a new teacher in his class. She is actually a teacher that Jacob had briefly a year or so ago. Andrew's old teacher, Ms. McDaniel, is now working in the office, and I found out last night that she spends some mornings in Jacob's room. She LOVED Andrew, and I could tell he loved her, too! I hope she still gets to sneak into the infant room for some cuddle time! :)

I have decided to change my work schedule so that I can grabe just a tad of down time. I just feel like I'm constantly running and running! So starting September 14, I will be off every Monday!! Brian is taking the kids out of the house on Sunday so that I can have a kid-free night and morning. I feel so relieved that there is a break in sight!