When Jacob met Andrew…

I brought Jacob up to the Hospital Tuesday evening.  Things were pretty un-eventful at the first meeting.  We had a room full of people and we were passing Andrew around.  Jacob never saw Carrie holding Andrew.

Jacob got a little upset when we turned out one of the lights in the room (we dim the lights in the living room at bedtime so he generally freaks out whenever we dim lights and it isn’t bedtime).  After that we played with his doctor toys and letters until it was time to go.  Then he gave Carrie and Andrew a kiss goodbye.

The second meeting was quite a bit different.  Grandma Rose was holding Andrew when we came in, and I decided we should just go ahead and get it over with.  Carrie took Andrew and Jacob immediately freaked.  After several minutes of crying, I took him to sit on Carrie’s other side in bed. 

That calmed him down and he started playing with Andrew.  He honked Andrew’s nose, and checked to make sure Andrew had cheeks, hair, a head, toes, knees and fingers.

After that he wanted to be wherever Andrew was.  As we were saying our goodbyes Jacob gave Andrew a nickname; “night night Drew, night night Drew”.


Anonymous said...

I'm loving the Daddy posts! Was Jacob checking Andrew or bullying him? hehe.

The family looks happy and healthy. I hope the transition home today goes smoothly.

Cassie said...

yay I'm so happy I got to be there to witness that!!!

aichiba said...

Congratulations you guys! Andrew is so handsome :)