Andrew is 6 Months Old!

I am still in shock that Andrew is 6 months old! When I think of him, I see him as the 2 month old baby that he was when I went back to work. So here is his update:
  • He weighs 17 lbs, 4.25 oz
  • He is 27" tall
  • His head is 44.5 cm around
  • Today he finally became the little roly poly that I've been waiting for him to become! I saw him roll over more times today than he has total in the last 2 months!
  • He is trying to crawl. He can get up on all fours, rock, and scoot backwards. He'll be crawling around here in no time!
  • We are pretty sure he finally got a tooth. His gums are still a little swollen, but I'm about 99.9% sure his first tooth has broken through.
  • We are also working on his sitting up! He can balance pretty well.
  • His sleeping is not at all like it was when he was 2 months old. He wakes up about twice each night, and I'm just about over it. He has been spoiled since he got sick a while back. About two weeks ago, we moved him into the nursery with Jacob. Now I have to run across the house to get him in the middle of the night. It's on the list! :)
  • I gave him carrots tonight for the first time. He LOVED them! He was lunging for the next bite. I can't wait to try it again tomorrow.
  • He is the sweetest little boy! His smile makes everything worth it, and he smiles a lot! I am so happy he is a part of our family!

Here is a video of his little belly laugh. There is no better sound in the world than a laughing baby!

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OK, yeah, that's a good laugh.