Quick Andrew Update

Andrew finally mastered crawling about 10 days ago. So now he shakes his little booty while he crawls all over the place trying to keep up with everyone else in the house. When he's had enough, he just cries. Kind of sad...mostly funny.

So Sunday I was surprised when I was in the living room, helping Jacob with his jacket, and I looked down to see that Andrew had pulled himself up on the couch. As if that weren't enough, then he started cruising! I guess he realizes the only way to keep up around our house is if you're up on 2 feet! :) I'm very proud of him!

In other news, I have to say a BIG Thank You to Brian for giving me Friday evening and half of Saturday off to spend the time doing whatever the hell I wanted! And what did I do with my time??! I finished with my Christmas shopping. We still have to wrap everything, but the presents that can be wrapped have been purchased.


A few Hicks said...

It's a great time for Andrew and Lola to play together!!

Ericka said...

Awesome!!! Way to go Andrew!!

Cassie said...

so many cute Christmas pictures to look at since I last visited! I miss you - it's stretching on a little too long now since I last saw you!!! :-)