Santa Pictures

I took the boys to see Santa on Saturday. I arrived at the mall when it opened, and we had to wait in line for an hour to see the jolly old elf. Jacob was fascinated with Santa while we were standing in line, so I thought he would be okay with taking a picture with him. Plus I was bribing him with cookies the entire way. No such luck. There was one kid in front of us, and Jacob started backing away from the line. When it was time to sit on Santa's lap, he had a total meltdown. Andrew was not scared at all. I love the picture because Jacob is trying really hard to smile. Maybe next year I won't have to be in the picture.

Here is last year's picture. We are improving. :)

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A few Hicks said...

Ahhh - that is great. Can't stop laughing!

Well - it's a huge improvement from last year already!