You’re So Awesome

I just had one of the most rewarding moments since I became a parent.  Jacob and I were discussing Christmas.  We went thru the entire scenario: Santa opens the fireplace doors, sets out toys for Jacob and Andrew, gets back into the fireplace, goes up the chimney, gets back on his sleigh, and rides off with his reindeer about 10 feet to the next house.  When Santa is finished delivering toys to all of the good little boys and girls, he goes back to the North Pole.  Jacob wanted to clarify that it is the real North Pole that Santa goes back to.  As soon as we were done reviewing Santa’s gig the night before Christmas, Jacob turned toward me, gave me a big hug, and said, “You’re so awesome!”  My heart literally melted!

Then, as if the awesomeness wasn’t enough, he reviewed his daily morning routine: he goes downstairs when he sees our bedroom light on, comes into our room and gets on the bed, we talk for a few minutes, then he tells me he is hungry, and I get his breakfast…”every time” (according to him….with a big smile on his face he says it).  Heart melts more!  It’s like he really appreciates that I do that for him.  What a great night! 

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