God's Little Gifts

I enjoy the times of parenting where you can actually see in your kids that you are doing something right with them. I had a moment the other night with Jacob and Mr. Bananas, his little stuffed monkey. He told me that Mr. Bananas wanted to take a nap. So he put the little monkey beside him on his pillow, and both of them curled up on their bellies. I asked if he was going to sing to Mr. Bananas to help him go to sleep, and he said yes. So he proceeds to pat the monkey's back and sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in its entirety. I wish I had had the video camera. He was patting his back so softly and singing so quietly. Too sweet!

In other Jacob news he is doing awesome with his potty training! We decided to put him in underwear last week because he was starting to take his diaper off whenever he needed a new one. So he wore underwear for 3 days last week and had 3 accidents each day. He would also go potty at school which he had not done previously. So I considered that a success! This week he has had 1 accident each day! On Monday he stopped playing on the playground to tell his teacher that he needed to go potty. So it appears we are making some huge strides in the potty department. Now we reward him for telling us he has to go potty rather than his actually going potty. The stickers are still working for a reward, too! Way to go Jacob!

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