Halloween Costumes

I'm sure I have better pictures on my digital camera, but I wanted to post the pictures I took with my phone. Introducing Woody the Cowboy and Buzz Lightyear!

The boys were watching Toy Story while I finished getting ready for work this morning. I had just walked out of the bedroom, and I heard Andrew fussing. Jacob was hugging on him while he was in the exersaucer. Jacob was all over him! So I told Jacob to get off of Andrew, and he immediately stood up, held both of his arms out in front of him towards Andrew, and said, "I hold Andrew." Then he started moving closer to Andrew as if he were going to pick him up out of the exersaucer. Funny!
Jacob had another accident-free day at school, but he had one at home last night. No biggie! I also noticed that he made it all the way through his nap without an accident. He's getting so big!
We have no real plans for this weekend, so I hope to work around the house. We still need to get everything replaced from our water leak (yes...we are THAT far behind), and I have several other things I would like for the contractor to do at our house. So I hope to work all of that out so that we can get moving on actually fixing everything. I think Brian wants to take Jacob to the zoo, too! I'm not off on Monday because I scheduled a million things to do at the office for next week. Have a great weekend!

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Mary Holloway said...

Those costumes are adorable! I love Halloween!