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I still have not caught up my blog completely, but I've hit most of the highlights that I wanted. I really enjoy my blog, and I've decided to make more of an attempt to keep it up to date. So here is a little update about the last couple of weeks in our world.

Strep Throat 2010 took over our house almost 2 weeks ago. Oh my goodness...I cannot tell you how good it feels to be almost back to our normal chaotic life rather than the sick chaotic life. I came down with it on Tuesday, February 16. I was in bed for the next 4 days. I finally got drugs on Day 3, and the found out I also had pink eye on Day 4. Then Brian came down with it on Saturday evening, but I thought he was just tired of flying solo with the kids for 4 days. So he woke up sick on Sunday, and I sent him straight to Care Now. Then we decided to take the boys to see their doctor on Monday. I didn't think they would find anything wrong with Jacob, but I wanted him there in case they could give him something to prevent him from getting sick. Well, Jacob tested positive for strep, and Andrew had a red throat and an ear infection. The boys had to stay home on Tuesday, so I stayed home to help Brian. Then Jacob woke up and threw up on Wednesday. But everyone went where he was supposed to go on Thursday. The 3 boys in my house are still on drugs for strep. And today Brian started feeling ill again. Great.

Jacob has been so funny lately. I really can't say anything specific; he is just so chatty and he says funny things. He's at a great age! Sharing is a CONSTANT challenge. I just have to remind myself that his little world is so small compared to mine, so the toys are a huge deal to him. He still enjoys helping around the house. I'm the one with the problem with that; I don't have much patience, but I am working on it. About a month ago, Jacob moved upstairs into his big boy room. We put a gate upstairs to keep him from wandering down the stairs in the middle of the night, but we still need to make it a boy's room. Today we went shopping and picked up a few things for his big boy room. We got some Toy Story sheets, Toy Story wall decals, and a closet rod extender that would allow him to pick out his own clothes from his closet. I'm excited to set it all up tomorrow!

And for Andrew we've been working on his horrible sleep patterns (thanks to me for creating them). He's doing pretty well...he doesn't scream for 2 hours in the middle of the night anymore. Now our biggest battle is with his food. He likes food either in puree form or table foods; but he does not like the level 3 baby foods. So now my challenge is to make table foods that I can give to him, too. It won't be that bad; I just need to shift my thoughts to include him, too!

I had a great day with the kids today! I took them out of the house after naps so that Brian could rest. We went to the park and did some shopping. While shopping we had dinner at the food court in the mall. Jacob took off his favorite jacket, Buzz Lightyear of course, while he was eating. When we got to the car to leave the mall he asked me, "Where is my jacket?" Dang! We left it in the food court. I feel so bad about it as if I have lost my own favorite jacket. If I thought I would actually make it, I would have driven back out to the mall after the kids were put in their beds.

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