Terrible Three's...Sometimes

I love to talk to Jacob these days. Well, I love it most of the time. He is just so funny!

Last night I was reading books with him. He enjoys "The Little Engine That Could." Side Note: It is actually a much longer story than I remember. Anyway, he will flip thru the pages and tell his own little story. We hit the same highlights each night: the yellow engine is the "mean engine;" the clown is the conductor of the black engine, but he doesn't drive the train (he's standing beside it in the illustration); and we say "I think I can" about a hundred times. Last night he told me that the yellow engine did not help the red engine. Then he started talking about Nemo (a favorite at our house). He said that we could not help Nemo to not touch the boat. Only the diver could help Nemo. It was random and very different from what he usually says about Nemo. We've used Nemo as an example for a reason to follow our directions. Nemo did not follow his daddy's directions, so the diver took him.

Just as I was tucking him into bed, he tooted and said "Excuse Me." I didn't hear the toot, so I asked if he tooted. He said, "I say excuse me when I darted at school."

Today they are having a picnic at school. Jacob has been SO excited about this picnic. He signed up to bring popcicles and he has to take a beach towel. He was ready this morning to have a picnic with his friends. Well...ready until I told him it was time to get dressed. EVERY morning we have a meltdown about getting dressed for school. Some of Jacob's other favorite phrases are, "I don't want to," "I dont' want to talk about it," and, of course, "NO!"

Finally, this morning we made biscuits for breakfast. He specifically requested them last night as we were cleaning up from dinner. He likes to help me put the biscuits on the cookie sheet. As he was doing that, he told me, "These biscuits are cold. When biscuits are cold, we put them in the oven to warm them up." Melt my heart!

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Cassie said...

All kinds of stuff here to catch up on! Can't believe Andrew is walking, and I love the pics of Jacob at the fire station!