Edomm Kids Update

Andrew is still talking. I am still amazed by it. Today his sheet from school said that he practiced saying "cracker" during lunch today. So, of course, I got him to say it again here at home! He also says, "bumpity bump." Jacob is completely into pretending to drive trucks - any kind of truck - garbage, fire, ambulance. Anyway, when he drives, I pretend that we drive over bumps and say bumpity bump. Andrew has caught on, and now he will randomly start bouncing up and down and say it. He's getting so big! I think I'm going to get down the 18 month clothes this weekend. The 12 month clothes are getting a little tight.

Jacob has such a cute little imagination, and he really says the funniest things! Like I said before, he pretends to drive all kinds of trucks. If it is a garbage truck, he likes for Brian or me to pretend to be trash and he takes us to the dump. For a fire truck, we put out a fire. And for the ambulance, he likes for us to sit in the back of the ambulance and he takes us to the hospital. At least he is using the truck for the correct purpose!

Jacob also loves to pretend to be a baker. He will put the potholders on his hands, pick up a pretend cake, and bake a cake for me. Last week Andrew decided to play. Take a look!

He was trying to help me here.

Here is a picture of both boys on our Tigger rocking horse! Andrew LOVES it, so naturally Jacob has become interested in it again.

Finally Andrew has learned Ring Around The Rosy. So cute!

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