Andrew is TALKING!'re reading it correctly! At almost 14 months old, my son has started talking. He says Milk, Ball, Dog, and last night he started waving and said, "Bye Bye." I am in total shock over it! He says "ball" with a cute little southern drawl. Dog is new as of Monday. And on Wednesday he started doing a cute trick that Jacob did. Whenever we would leave Jacob, we would hold up our finger and tell him that we'd be right back. Jacob did this to Andrew on Wednesday night, and so Andrew started holding up his finger and saying his version of Right Back. Of course we weren't there to witness it. But when I held him later and said, "Right back," he looked at me, smiled, and held up his finger.

He learned another old Jacob trick. This one is for Granddaddy.

Andrew has become very attached to his blanket. When I walk into his room to get him in the morning, he bends down to pick it up and then waits for me to pick him up. If it is in his crib (because I hate having blankets on the floor...I'm clumsy and am sure to slip on one some day), he will stand in front of his crib and point to it. I think it is the cutest thing ever! Let's see how cute it is if he doesn't give it up in several years. :)

He and Jacob are starting to fight over toys just a bit. It's really not too bad....yet. And actually, I enjoy it when they fight. Jacob shows potential to be a pushover (he is just too sweet!), so I'm happy to let him fight with Andrew to get his toys back. Andrew is starting to get mad and whine and try to make himself cry when Jacob takes toys back. It's new, so it's still funny.

We do not have ANY plans for this weekend! I'm going to try a new grocery shopping and cooking schedule....boring. Maybe I'll sneak out to catch a peak at my nephew!

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