A Night of Firsts

The boys are going on ages 4 and 2 (in less than a month!), so the "firsts" of their lives are becoming more rare. However, last night we had 2 firsts for Jacob!

1. He had timeout at school yesterday. This is extremely significant because Jacob's teachers have always gone on and on and on about what a wonderful kid he is. So much so that there was a time that we thought they just told us that to make us feel good. It was THAT over the top sometimes. He always brings home Happy Grams to tell us how wonderful he was at school. I mean, there have never been any complaints about Jacob. So last night, you can imagine how surprised Brian and I were when Jacob just volunteered that he had to "sit on the ledge" during outside time. He said that Andrew had spit at him, and that his teacher thought that he had spit at Andrew (they play with each other thru the fence). As we started talking more, we realized that his regular teacher had taken a break and there was a substitute teacher with them during outside time. I talked to his teacher on facebook last night. I knew she would also see the humor in the whole situation! She told me, "I probably would have fallen over if I had walked outside and Jacob was sitting out." She also told me that she was going to hang close to the fence today during outside time to hear what Jacob says to Andrew. :)

2. So while we were discussing the timeout during outside time, Jacob kept repeating "I did not spit at Andrew." In fact, Brian told me that it was the first thing Jacob said to him when he arrived to pick him up. I guess he was getting a little upset at Andrew about the whole situation as we were discussing it. Andrew had a timeout during dinner, and when I brought him back to the table Jacob said to him, "Andrew you are not my friend anymore." He went on to tell him that he cannot play with his toys until he gets bigger. Then they played the rest of the evening together. :) Jacob's teacher also told me that the whole "you're not my friend" is really big in the 4's room right now.

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