A Perfect Morning

Life is absolutely rocking right now! Texas weather is awesome right now. I'm starting to actually get some control over work and home life. I honestly cannot remember the last time I felt this great!

This morning was no exception to the greatness. :) The boys were absolutely adorable. First, Jacob was all smiles when I turned on the lights in the living room (he can hear me get up and then waits at the top of the stairs for me to turn on the lights before he comes down). Andrew was just as sweet as he could be. I went into his room, and we were babbling to each other. Then he crawled to me, leaned in, and said, "Kiss." Then he gave me the biggest, wettest kiss. How many more of those am I going to get...you know, where he actually asks for it. Then we scurried to the kitchen to take a peek at the muffins baking in the oven.

When the muffins were finished, all four of us sat down together to have breakfast. This happens maybe once a quarter. We let the kids watch PBS Kids in the morning during breakfast, and this morning was no exception. Between shows, they had a fundraising commercial (usually they have a Word Girl update, and Brian and Andrew sing the Word Girl theme). So this lady pops up on the screen and says, "Hi. I'm Nancy..." Without missing a beat, Andrew pops off, "Hi!" and I think he even waved a little! Goofy.

When Brian and I were finished with our breakfast, we went back to getting ready for work. At two completely different times, the boys came up one at a time and gave me a hug. And then, to top off the entire morning, we heard Jacob's favorite song...Animal by the Neon Trees. And we all went crazy dancing and singing. Absolute perfection!

Happy Thursday everyone!

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