Andrew is 2!

Andrew was 2 on April 7!!! I was doing really well with the whole thing until Thursday morning when I got to work. Then I got a little weepy and sad that my BABY was 2. It didn’t last too long, though. Andrew LOVED his birthday! First, he got to open presents, and he totally got that part of it. We gave him one big gift and a couple of small gifts. His favorites were the Radio Flyer Retro Rocket and Woody the Cowboy. He completely ate up all of the attention from Brian and me all day. Jacob, on the other hand, was not a fan of Andrew having so much attention. I could not believe how badly he took it all. We finally sent him to his room to chill out. All in all, we enjoyed the day very much!

So here is an update on my sweet Andrew:

  • Andrew is a very sweet, but very stubborn little boy. He knows what he wants, and that’s exactly what he wants. He is very independent. It’s such a great quality to have!

  • Weight: It's been too long - I'll update this when I have access to his info at home

  • Height: See above.

  • Andrew is really good about playing by himself if he needs to. It’s the beauty of the second-born I guess.

  • He enjoys reading books and coloring books….and the floor, and tables, and anything that should not be colored.

  • Andrew LOVES music! He dances, sings, and plays instruments. He has started to randomly sing his ABC’s around the house. He will sing along to silly songs in the car, and when he hears a guitar in a song, he will pretend to play one.

  • He is finally interested in Potty Training. We have not had any action in the toilet, but he enjoys sitting on the potty (at appropriate times). I’m ready for him to get it so that we can move these diapers out of here! :)

  • UPDATE: July 29, 2011: Andrew could not care less about actually using the potty. I am convinced he will grow out of diapers and pull ups before he actually uses it. Even when we put him in underwear, he does not complain when he has accidents. AMAZING! I was sure he would take to it immediately because he is so independent. I was WAY off on that prediction. Also - I think the kid is left handed. yay!


Riding his Rocket Ship! He loves this thing! Does he look like someone else to anyone?!

Jacob's face says it all here for how he felt Is it bad that I giggle at it?!

MMMM! Birthday Cupcake!

This picture says it all for how much Andrew enjoyed his day! He's on his rocket ship, coloring in his new coloring book (which has markers that will only put color in the coloring book), and holding his new Woody doll!

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