Boys Birthday Party

On the weekend between the boys' birthdays, we had a birthday party at a bounce house place. They had a BLAST! It was so worth it for that alone. But man, we came home with so many toys that it was a little embarrassing! I mean, my kids don't NEED any more toys. Crazy! We still have not let them play with them all.

So here are a few pics. We sold the entire idea at school as a party for Jacob, and then to the family we told them it was a party for Andrew, too. It was so nice for so many of Jacob's friends to come out to play for a bit!

Look at all of those boys! Jacob's class literally has 3-4 girls out of like 20 kids. Poor teachers!

Towards the end of play time, my kids started running around the place. Jacob held Andrew's hand and pretty much dragged him around the place. But Andrew just laughed and ran as fast as he could to keep up with Jacob. There were times where he would fall down, and then Jacob would just fall down, too! They just laughed and laughed! I was happy to see them having so much fun together.

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