North Pole Express

The Boys on the North Pole Express
My boys LOVE The Polar Express.  They know all the music and a lot of the lines.  It's amazing!  We literally find them playing around the house and singing the songs - even the Josh Groban song and the slow song the little boy sings with the girl ("When Christmas Comes to Town"). 

Anyway, we heard that they have a train that is similar to the Polar Express in Grapevine.  Brian and I decided to surprise the kids with it last night. 

Daddy and Jacob
     Friday afternoon, the boys went to Red Oak.  My parents took the boys to get cowboy boots (which they love!).  Brian and I showed up to get them while they were eating lunch.  We let them play a little longer, and then we took them home.  All I told them was that after nap time, we were going to get ready for a special surprise from Mommy and Daddy. 
     First, we went to see the Muppet movie.  I'm a HUGE fan of the Muppets!  So when Andrew had had enough, Brian took him out of the theater.  It was great, and I think Jacob is a Muffet fan now, too!

Andrew, Mommy, Jacob
Next we parked by the train station in Grapevine.  Brian let me out before they parked so that I could get the tickets.  Then I met up with them, and we changed the boys into their PJ's.  When we told them we were going to ride the North Pole Express, Jacob immediately got excited about riding the Polar Express.  I told him it was like the Polar Express, but they called it the North Pole Express. 

Mommy and Jacob
The train was running late.  So we had to wait outside for about 30 minutes before they let us into the tent with the pre-ride show.  In my opinion, they could've gotten the train back on schedule had they skipped the pre-ride show for our train.  It was totally cheesy and quite painful.  Not to mention, we had to wait probably another 30 minutes inside this tent...with tired children...before this stupid show started.  Jacob actually LOVED it!  So, okay...worth it a little.  :)

While we were waiting, Brian took the boys to look at the train.  Andrew immediately said he didn't want to ride the train because he was scared of it, but he did just fine! 

Santa, Brian, Andrew, Jacob
So on the train, there was more obnoxious entertaining singing.  It went on the ENTIRE trip.  Again, Jacob loved it!  Andrew sang along, too!  Santa made his way through the cars, and he gave each kid a bell.  Jacob rang his the entire time.  After the ride, all of the kids got hot chocolate.  It was a GREAT afternoon!  They were both so surprised and everyone had fun!  This is really shaping up to be the best Christmas we've ever had! 


The boys show off their bells from Santa!

Yum!  Hot Chocolate!

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