Paxton Christmas 2011

I knew our Christmas weekend was going to be non-stop.  With the two kids who are totally into Christmas this year, it was impossible to completely prepare for it mentally. 

Friday, December 23 - Steve's family, Sarah's family, and my family drove down to Red Oak to have our immediate family Christmas.  The boys jumped right into the opening presents event.  They got some really good gifts!  The favorites were cowboy hats, a stick horse for Andrew, trains for Andrew, and the Bat Mobile and Joker for Jacob.  Here are the pics.
Matthew with his loot
Jacob with his loot

Andrew with his loot

What?! (Jacob's new favorite expression)
A Bat Mobile!
Andrew with his Stick Horse

Grant with his Sock Monkey Jack in the Box

Just what I wanted!  A Cowboy Hat!

Grant and Jacob

Grant jumped right into a hat box!

Occasionally we would find Grant in Abby's carseat

Cowboy Andrew!

Papa with the Princess
Derek with his Angel!

Saturday, December 24 - We had the whole Paxton clan out to Red Oak.  It was really nice!  Last year we tried something different by having it at a restaurant.  This year, everyone wanted it to be at someone's house, and they were all SO excited that my parents volunteered to host.  It was probably one of our best Christmases yet! 

The plan was for everyone to arrive around noon, and then we would eat around 12:30.  This is where I found myself when it was time to eat. 

He literally crawled up into my lap, got comfy, and went to sleep. 
 I cannot remember the last time that happened. 

Andrew woke up about halfway into lunch time by having an accident.  We both changed clothes and then sat down to eat.  Then the kids played for a while while the adults visited.  

Grant and Matthew


Grant and Andrew.  I love this pic! 
It looks like Andrew is going to pull out Grant's tooth.
These two were sizing each other up the entire time we were in Red Oak.

After play time, we played our annual White Elephant Game.  Brian ended up with ingredients to make S'mores and a gift certificate to the movies.  I ended up with a recipe box perfect for pulling recipes out of magazines!  I was pumped!  I tear out recipes all the time and have no place to put them. 

The boys attacked him for the Graham Crackers.

Then we took some pics of our entire family and just my family. 
Our Family - Great pic of everyone!

My Family - Great pic of everyone!

Christmas was off to a great start!  Now it was time to load up the boys' gifts and head home to get ready for Santa!

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Just Us Priors said...

What a GREAT family picture of the 4 of you!! :) Glad to see you guys had a great day!