Andrew's February Doctor Visit

Andrew has always been my sickly boy.  He just has a harder time staying well than Jacob.  Such is life I guess. 

Over the weekend, he had a loose cough and a horrible runny nose.  I also noticed a posting that strep throat was in his room at school.  So this morning when he started complaining that his neck hurt, I went into panic mode. 

Back up to the events of the morning.  He woke up feeling fine.  He ate a little breakfast and then played for a little bit with Jacob.  Then it was time to get dressed.  We have been trying to teach him that it is okay to get up and go pee in the night.  And when he goes 4 or 5 days I think without peeing in his pullup, then he can sleep in underwear.  So he wakes up every morning and says that his pullup is dry; most times it is not.  This morning Brian was throwing his wet pullup in the trash, and Andrew was upset that it was wet I guess.  And then all of a sudden his neck started hurting. 

Brian thought he was faking just because he didn't want to get ready for school.  I thought he was really in pain.  He would not let go of me, and just kept complaining about it.  So I stayed home.

Andrew HATES the doctor's office.  He starts to cry when they call his name to go back to a room.  Last time he went....January.....2012....we saw a different nurse.  I tried to prepare him by telling him what she was going to do (look in his ears and mouth and listen to his breathing).  He did pretty well with that last time.  So this time I made our appointment with the same nurse and told him what was about to happen again.  We practiced breathing for that part of the exam, and man, he did SO well with it all!  No meltdowns at all!  So she checks him out, and then she leaves our room for a little bit.  This is where Funny Andrew made his appearance.  He told me, "Mommy, we need our two little pieces of paper (prescriptions).  And we need our two yellow sheets (review sheets summarizing the visit).  And I need to get candy!"  He remembered all of that from the last visit!  Kind of impressive since I left those parts out of my pep talk (but I remembered them a month ago).

He's also funny because he's walking in his best Rain Man pose - head cocked to one side.  lol! 

So now we are home, resting.  He's watching Backyardigans, and I'm blogging.  :)  I'm gonna lay down now and try to snooze a bit. 

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