One Month Ago...

Jacob started Kindergarten.  By far, this has been the busiest month.  Immediately after school started, we began the soccer season.  So our schedule for the last month has been:
Monday - Sets the tone for the week!  We usually catch up around the house from the weekend, and Jacob tends to have more homework on Mondays.  Its not due until later in the week, but I am trying to teach him how not to procrastinate.  His father and I are pro's, so we will see how it works out. 
Tuesday - Andrew has soccer practice at 6:00.  This means I aim to have dinner close to ready by 5:00....and we don't get home from school pickup until 3:30.  This means it is a crazy busy 90 minutes.  Not to mention the little chores we have the boys do (empty dishwasher, carry clothes upstairs to their room, pick up toys).  Then the battle of actually getting soccer clothes on.  It's nuts!
Wednesday - I have declared this Craft Day in the house.  I know I'm ready for a break from actual work by this time, so the boys have to to be ready for a break.  I've only been doing it a couple of weeks, but it is going very well!  It forces me to stop and have fun with the kids rather than carry on the usual barking orders at them.  I look forward to craft day!
Thursday - Jacob has soccer practice at 6:30.  This only gives me about 30 extra minutes than our Tuesday schedule, but it feels like a lot more.  There is still a rush, but it's not quite so dramatic. 
Friday - Pizza and Movie Night.  We ALL look forward to Fridays!  Really...who doesn't?!  We've watched The Lorax, The Wizard of Oz, and I don't remember the others. 
Saturday - Soccer Games.  We are finally to the part of the schedule where we don't have to leave the fields between games.  That should make things a little easier. 
Sunday - Grocery Store, Football (yay!), and sometimes a soccer game.  I think we are almost finished with those. 

So from Monday through Sunday, it feels like we are flying non-stop.  Holy Cow!  I don't know how people do it and have kids in multiple activities.  I enjoy it, but it is a different kind of enjoyment.  lol!

Part Time Gig - I swear I am working harder now than I was when I worked full time.  ha!  It's more of a mental challenge for sure.  I have reached a point where I stay later in the office than I'm supposed to.  The good hour to do work at home is just not a good payoff for me.  I don't really get to get into doing anything.  There is a part of me considering changing my schedule to working until 2:00, but then I wonder if I would push it back again.  And...I have a sweet deal!  I'm not really sure I want to give that up yet either. 

And I've had to learn how to discipline the kids.  I really hate it.  I mean, I don't think everyone enjoys it.  It is definitely a necessary evil.  I have more success in getting the kids to do what I want when I hold them to the rules.  But I hate having to stop to do it.  Awful - I know.  Usually Brian swoops in to save me when I get into trouble or start to lose it with them.  Well, he's not here for 3-4 hours...and then I hear myself freaking about 3-4 hours.  How much of a wuss am I?!  It is a learning experience, so I try to not dwell on that.  I'm better today than I was a month ago - that is a fact! 

Alright...time for bed.  I just wanted to post about the craziness of life! 

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