First Day of Kindergarten

The first day was mostly a success!  Jacob did not want me to cook a fancy breakfast, so that was kind of a relief.  I mean, I wanted to, but I knew I was cutting it close on time.  I made his lunch just as he requested: PBJ, Grapes, Apples, Crackers, and a Monkey Bar.  And then he had Fruitables in his Batman cup. 

I checked his backpack to make sure he had everything he needed - this included an eraser and his water bottle.  We took all of the other supplies to school on Meet the Teacher night. 

Here is the Back to School picture:

So then came pickup time.  First, I was totally pinching myself on the way to the school.  Am I really on my way to a school to pick up my child?!  I have vivid memories of my mom picking me up from elementary school...and now I'm doing the same thing for my own kids.  It's like I am almost in denial I even have children of my own.  ha!

I arrived at the school a few minutes before 3 which was perfect timing!  Not too shabby for the first day of school.  I walked up to the little courtyard and found Jacob and his teacher.  I immediately smelled dog poop.  Not too surprising because some people brought the dog for pickup.  I spoke to his teacher for a little bit.  I asked how his day was, and she said it was great.  She said that he has a few kids that he will need to learn to talk over, but he is comfortable asking her for anything he needs.  She felt confident that he would eventually be comfortable enough to speak up to participate in class.  I got the feeling that he participates, but he is very quiet and soft spoken.  Typical Jacob. 

As Jacob and I walked to the car, I still smelled the dog poo.  I was sure one of us had stepped in some.  I checked our shoes when we got to the car, and no poo.  I smelled it the entire way to pick up Andrew.  Back up to the morning: I immediately smelled poo or vomit in the kids' room this morning when I went upstairs to wake them up.  So on the way to Andrew's school, I was seriously considering that I might have eaten something to give me a very funky body odor in the last few days. 

We walk into Andrew's school, and the smell just follows me.  We have to walk through a couple of classrooms to get to Andrew's, so I stopped one of the teachers to ask her.  I am clearly very comfortable with her.  I said, "I have a random for you.  Do I smell like dog sh*?"  We were standing between rooms, the kids walked through the door that she was holding open, and she said, "No, but it smells like dog poo in here."  When we were finally loaded in our car, I figured out the mystery smell - have you figured it out yet?!  It was Jacob.  He had poo on his leg. 

Jacob was wonderful to potty train, and he takes care of all of his business by himself.  So I'm still thinking it is dog poo that he got into on the playground; that kind that mysteriously gets off of shoes but not skin; the kind that doesn't exist. 

To shorten this long story, I figured out the mystery when Jacob was on his second shower.  He had an upset tummy this afternoon and had two accidents.  One was at school and the other was at home when he says he couldn't make it to the potty fast enough.  My heart breaks for him a little.  First, he thought he was in trouble for it and would hardly talk to me at all.  Second, he was probably nervous today and didn't know how to express himself.  Third, he felt embarrassed that it happened.  Poor guy! 

So to get ready for tomorrow, we packed an extra set of clothes and some plastic bags in the event of an accident at school.  His highlights from school were the two trips to the playground and his binder.  He seems pumped that he carries all of his work in a binder and not a folder.  There is also a planner in the binder, which I think is cool!  He has a smiley face for today.  I think I'm supposed to initial it, but I'm really not sure.  He also said that he made a new friend named Steven, and he seemed extra excited when I told him he had an uncle named Steven. 

All in all, it was a good day for Jacob!  The boys seemed to enjoy coming home early.  And I kicked ass while I was home alone for an hour and a half.  I left work late today, so I ran out of time. 

And then a quick Andrew story.  I asked him how his day was today, and he said, "It was BAD!  I had to sit in my chair two times today,"  Sitting in the chair is a timeout.  I asked why, and this is the story I got: Ms.  Acloud (McCloud) told me to sit on a different letter and I wanted to sit on my old letter."  The kid knows what he wants and if there is any change, he wants it on his terms.  Here is a funny pic I found of him while I was uploading Jacob's pictures from this morning. 

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