Great Night

Tonight was one of the best nights we've had in a while. I got home first and discovered an ant graveyard by our front door. ant graveyard. We got 4 inches of rain last night, and I guess a lot of ants died. About a year ago we started noticing a few dead ants in another part of the house. Brian did a ton of research about ants, and he learned that ants will make little graveyards of the dead ants. Apparently our home is just perfect for this! And yes, we will be finding where the "chosen" ants are living and create our own little graveyard soon.

So I finally started cooking dinner, and Brian and Jacob got home. Brian messed with the ants, and Jacob hung out with me while I finished with dinner. Then we all sat down together. Brian and I talked about my work, and Jacob tried to take off his shirt. It was so funny to watch him. He could get one arm out, but he couldn't figure out how to get the shirt over his head.

Then we all took a walk together to get the mail. It is a perfect night tonight. The moon is full and the temperature is great! So we decided to walk around the neighborhood. Jacob wanted to hold my hand the entire least until Brian decided he needed to venture out a little on his own. Then it became a chase Daddy game.

Then we played inside. Jacob has a shark puppet and a dragon puppet. He will chase us with the shark puppet when we sing the Jaws theme. Brian started to chase Jacob with the dragon puppet, so Jacob lost interest in his chasing game. Then Jacob impressed us both by practicing his hook 'em sign. That's right...he's a Texas fan! He's almost got it perfectly with his right hand. Jacob did not want to read books or listen to Brian sing a song tonight before bedtime, and he went down peacefully. So everyone was in a great mood and there were no time-outs or whining tonight. It was perfect!

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