The highlight of our weekend was visiting my grandparents in Kaufman. My grandmother is very sick, and my grandfather is deaf and blind. It is a very sad situation and you have to prepare yourself mentally before each visit. We went with Sarah, Derek, and Steve. Jacob loved it there! He ran around the house and waved and said "Hi" to everyone. We played outside for a little bit, and he kept checking in on the puppies. We got home last night and he was so happy to play with Brian and me. I kept asking him if he needed some tickles, and he would fall on me to get them. Then he would stand up and ask for more. It was super fun! I tried to cuddle with him to go to bed last night, but he did not want any of that. He was very restless with me, and he didn't cry when I put him in bed. I guess we've trained him well. It still makes me sad. I love our cuddle time!

I'll post pictures of the Kaufman trip tonight.

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