We've had a problem in the past with Jacob putting his hands in his diaper. It's not too bad if he's wet, but I'm sure you can imagine what it's like with a dirty diaper. We've had 2 really bad incidents that finally gave me the idea to put him in a onesie and pants to try to keep him from doing that. Well, the little toot has gotten smart on us. :/

This morning, Brian went in to wake him up. Not to my surprise, in a few minutes Brian was in our bathroom to tell me that Jacob wanted me. So I follow Brian, and Jacob immediately starts doing his sign for stinky (he usually does this when I put him on the changing table in the morning). So I asked if he had gone poopoo, and he did not respond. Then I notice that he is pointing to his bed and doing his stinky sign. Then Brian and I notice dark spots on his bed (we only had a small lamp on at this time. The big light went on immediately after that). Sure enough, there was poop all over his bed although it's not the worst I've ever seen it.

So Brian leaves the room to get a glass of milk for Jacob, and I lay him on the changing table. There was a little bit of poop on his shirt, but it really wasn't that bad. And I said something like, "How is it not all over your hands?" So Jacob showed me his hands. OMG...it totally grossed me out! His right hand had poop all over it that I had not noticed yet. So I get him off of the changing table and carry him around the house to get a stool from the utility room and then to the bathroom to wash his hands. Anyway, it was even a bigger mess when I took off his pants (I'll spare you more details...I know this is disgusting!)

The kicker of the whole deal is that I had been poking around all morning. We all have a cold, and I've slept maybe 30 minutes since about 3:15 this morning because my nose is congested. So I was planning to get ready while Jacob played in the bathroom waiting to take a shower with Brian. With the most recent poop-fest, all of those plans went right out the window. I seriously look like I just rolled out of bed, threw my hair back, put on some clothes (that part is dolled up a bit with my new awesome boots) and walked out the door. I was on time to work today, so that's a plus!


Hi said...

OHMY!! I have to laugh because the ladies at work (well I'll be nice & call them that *wink) have told me ALL about their fun poo stories. One told me her son hand-painted their entire entry way with his poo. She had to call her husband home from work because she kept getting sick trying to clean it up.
So I guess I won't get him those baby art supplies for Christmas... I don't want to encourage his inner-Van Gogh just yet!

Love&Hugs- Auntie Em

aichiba said...

Wow - that is way worse than I've ever had to deal with!

A few Hicks said...

The joys of motherhood....

Glad the bed was clean today! Oh - and I want to hear more about these boots.