Jacob has really amazed me lately with his letters. We have this game (I call it a game but I'm not sure if it's really a game) that has magnetic letters and this other part that is also magnetic that sings this song when you put a letter on it. He walks around the house now and will make the T sound and hard C sound. He has his favorites, too. Right now he likes the O, Q, V, T, and C. It is just amazing to me how he soaks up every little thing. He actually said to me today, "right back" because I tell him I'll be right back when I'm leaving the room. He was only walking across the room to pick up a car, but he still said it. We've also been working with him to learn R is for Rose. He says it really low while his lips are puckered and he drags it out. It's pretty funny!

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A few Hicks said...

Smart boy... Pretty soon he'll shorten it to "b-r-b". hehe