Cute Times

Wednesday night was a really cute night for Jacob. First I caught video of his "R is for Rose" trick while he was eating some celery with ranch dressing. Then we unloaded the dishwasher together. I started doing it, and he jumped right in and wanted to help. Then we did laundry. Jacob loves to help out with laundry! Those are smiles that you're seeing, so it's not exactly slave labor. Then he went to bed with socks on his feet. Brian went in to check on him later that night, and he had one sock on his hand.

The next morning Jacob climbed into his book basket. This is a picture from the second time he did it. Brian called me after he did it the first time, and I asked if he had gotten a picture. Brian answered no, and told me he was about to get one because Jacob was climbing in again. He really looks more upset than he really is.

Brian was busy with various things over the weekend, so Jacob and I had a lot of time together. It's been quite a while since that was the case. It is so much harder to keep my patience in check while I'm pregnant. Yesterday was the real test. He was pretty good in the morning. I got to organize all of the baby clothes for the new baby. In the afternoon, I was trying to install an elfa drawer under my bathroom sink, and he was right there in the middle of it all. He would not play with his toys at all! Today we went to Old Navy and we got some new pants and shoes for Jacob. He loved trying on the pants, and he insisted on wearing the new shoes from the moment we bought them. We went to dinner with some of my girlfriends tonight, and he still looked so proud of his shoes when they asked about them.

Tomorrow I have the day off. I plan to work around the house and then go to the spa for a facial and massage. I cannot freaking wait! It has been way too long since I did anything like that for myself.

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