Movin' On Up

Brian realized last week that Jacob was scheduled to move up to the next room in daycare right when Baby Andrew (we're trying it on...not too shabby) is supposed to arrive. We were a little concerned about how Jacob would handle that much change at once. So Brian talked to the daycare director last week, and she told him that they would see what they could do about it. They thought they would start to transition him at the end of March.

Well yesterday I received a phone call from the daycare. Other daycare moms can relate, but my heart stopped at first because I thought he might be sick. So I immediately started to think about all of the things I would need to wrap up at work in just a few minutes before I could leave. Jacob is just fine, though. The director was calling to see how we felt about Jacob moving up even earlier...."like tomorrow," is what she said. Apparently there was another kid in the middle of transitioning, but the parents have decided to wait for him/her to finish. So Jacob gets to start moving up today!! I'm so excited for him! He always handles the transition to a new room pretty well.

In other news, we have set up a little camera in Jacob's room (which will be the nursery again soon). We have really enjoyed watching him go to sleep the last few nights. He will play with Tad, his singing frog. Then he sits up, rolls around, curls up like he is going to go to sleep, throws his leg over the rail, and last night he even crawled down to the foot of the bed and looked outside his doors for a minute or so while he was laying on his belly (his room is actually an office in the house and there are 2 doors with windows). He's so quiet in there after we put him down that we never knew he was awake for so long! And I love watching Jacob TV in the mornings. If he's still sleeping, I just get myself ready without feeling guilty about it. Jacob is certainly big enough to get out of bed by himself, but he always ALWAYS waits for us to get him in the mornings. Those days are numbered, I'm sure.

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Mary Holloway said...

That brings back so many memories! Before Ethan was born, Braden bought me a camera monitor, so we tried it out on Blythe and LOVED watching her! Also, Blythe moved up at daycare the same week Ethan was born. She did fine, but I would have LOVED for her to move up earlier. Yay for Jacob!