Here are a few videos we've taken of Jacob recently.

Jacob Speaks! (turn up your volume...his voice is so quiet)

Baby Smash

Jacob Slides

We had a really good weekend! My little helper helped me around the house yesterday and at the grocery store. He told me that he wanted to make cookies for his daddy, so we're going to do that later this week. He told me this morning that he wanted to dance, too! I have a video of his latest dance moves, but I need to edit it down. Brian and I spent most of yesterday preparing for the new baby. It is amazing to me the amount of stuff 2 people can accumulate! And the paperwork...ugh! Last night Jacob was picking out books to read. We have one called I Love You Through and Through. He picked it out and said "I love you." It was a great ending to the weekend!

And here's a cute picture to top it all off! It's not very clear, but he's smiling!

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