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Jacob is doing really well during his transition period at school. They said he did perfectly the first day! Yesterday I picked him up, and they said he did pretty well until nap time. And I'm thinking, well what happened? I've never had any teachers tell me there was a problem at nap time. I got the story from 3 different teachers, one of which was the lead teacher. From what I could gather he had played really hard during outside time right before lunch. Then while he was eating lunch they turned out the lights and started to pull the cots out. That's when he freaked out. I think he thought they weren't going to let him finish eating, but I'm not sure. The lead teacher, Mrs. Miller, told me that he went right down for his nap. She said she patted his back only a few times and he was gone. She thought he was just really tired. She told me that if he does okay with nap time today, then he'll be in there full time next week! He does tell us that Mrs. Miller is his friend when we ask, which is a lot better than what he currently tells us about Mrs. Flores, his current teacher. We can ask him about everyone in his current class if they are his friend, and he'll say yes. When we ask about Mrs. Flores, he always tells us no. Mrs. Flores isn't exactly our friend either, so we haven't been too worried about it. :)

We received the surgery confirmation from the doctor for the c-section! I'm scheduled to have surgery on April 10 at noon. I wish it were at an earlier time. A mama needs to eat!! I'm still hoping that I get to go into labor with this one like I did with Jacob. That's the fun part of labor; I don't need any of the pushing to go with it.

This weekend I think my mom is going to come out to help us get a little more organized for Andrew's arrival. There really isn't that much more to do. I'd like to install some drawers to go in cabinets because our house does not have any extra storage. I ordered some new towels last night from Pottery Barn (I just ordered some bedding from there, and the pattern of the towels matches our bedroom). WOW! That place is super expensive! I've been nesting so badly, and there isn't much to do in other rooms right now. So my bedroom and bathroom get all of the special attention! I'll have to post pics when I get everything finished. After the bathroom, I'll just need to hang some curtains.

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A few Hicks said...

Hooray for a smooth transition and a teacher that is his "friend."

And - no kidding Pottery Barn is expensive!! I park at the Pottery Barn at Galleria a lot so that I can browse through the store, but I've never bought anything from there.