Officially on Baby Watch

Jacob and I went to Red Oak last night to hang out at my parents' house. I was tired yesterday, but all in all I felt pretty good. The weather has been really nice around here, and I love to let him run around at their house. So we played outside for a couple of hours last night. He had a blast! I was looking forward to letting him run around again this morning (we spent the night).

He woke up at 3:30 this morning (sadly I was already awake). I put him in bed with me because I was sure I could get him right back to sleep. No such luck. He didn't go back down until 4:30. Then I woke up at 5:30 and 6:30 when he had a dream and started kicking and whining like crazy. It's 6:30 he actually said, "stinky." We got up for good at 7:30.

At 6:30 I was extremely uncomfortable. I felt all of this stretching around the front of my hips. Then it would move to the back of my hips. It didn't feel like contractions at all, but it didn't really go away until 9:00 or so this morning. I've had the same discomfort throughout the day. Andrew feels extremely heavy, and I know that there is only so much further he can fall before he falls out. So I tried not to do much of anything today.

Tonight I lined up a middle of the night sister! None of us have seen her change a diaper, but she says she's not really afraid of it. :) So now I have someone to call to come over and stay with Jacob should I go into labor in the middle of the night! I don't have much figured out after that, but we'll work it out eventually.

You have all officially been put on Baby Watch Notice! I'll keep you posted!


Gommy said...

OK, so now I'm just waiting for the phone call. I hope everything goes well. I hope you're at least not having as much swelling in your hands. Can you set up a video camera to catch Sarah changing the diaper?

A few Hicks said...

I'm excited for baby watch! I've got a bag packed - and I read online how to change a diaper. It doesn't seem that hard! (j/k). No cameras necessary - I'll give you all a play-by-play if you are interested!

Funny - my word confirmation to post this comment has the word "belly" in it.