We are now 11 days away from the big day!! I spent a lot of the weekend feeling impatient and sad that Andrew was not here yet. Saturday was the day I had guessed for his arrival. I must admit that I tried to cheat a little. I went to On the Border and had some super spicy jalapenos and I walked around Babies R Us for a while. Brian took Jacob to run some errands, so I had a lot of the afternoon to myself.

I had a decent amount of energy on Sunday. Brian let me sleep in both days which was so nice! I did a few things around the house and then took a nap when Jacob went down. Then he and I got ready and ran an errand or two. And then we all went to dinner as a family. I'm trying to eat up these times because I know it's all about to end for a little while.

This morning I woke up and knew I was going into work late. Brian mentioned to me that he thought Jacob had pink eye. I had noticed it the day before but didn't say anything to Brian (I work very hard to not be the over-worried mother). When I saw how crusty Jacob's eye was, it was the first time in a long time that I was thankful Andrew had not been born yet. So we kept Jacob home from school, and I took him to the doctor this morning. When I took him last week, they told me that he had an ear infection in his left ear. We chose not to give him the meds they prescribed for it because we've read and heard from the pharmacist that medicines for ear infections don't work most of the time. I don't remember any other details about it, but Jacob NEVER complains about his ears. That was another reason we decided to not medicate him for it. Anyway, it turns out that the drainage from his eye is actually from the gunk in his ear. It's the way his body is relieving the pressure from his ear. Crazy, huh? So we got a stronger prescription for his ear and nothing for his eye; it is pink eye, but it's not pink eye.

Anyway, after the doctor visit, we went to Target to get his prescription filled. He had a blowout like no other while we were there. It's been a while since that happened to me while we were out. After I cleaned him up we picked up a few new clothes, a bag for him to take to Matthew's house, and a ball for him to take to Matthew's house. Oh my goodness...he was so excited about going to Matthew's house, and I tried to make it clear that he probably wasn't going until Baby Andrew arrived. He is still talking about going to Matthew's house! It's really pretty sweet. Then we came home, had lunch, and took a nap together. Then it was time for us to get ready to see my doctor. He was a huge hit at the office! I will go back in a week, and I think my doctor said it was my last visit. How exciting! Anyway, I've only grown 1 cm since my last visit, and I'm now up to 170lbs. I think that's almost 40 lbs I've gained. It's all belly and water weight. I cannot wait to bust out the Wii Fit when Andrew is born! After my appointment Jacob and I came home, started some laundry, and cooked dinner. Then Brian came home and I completely pooped out. My feet are so swollen tonight! But Jacob and I had the best day! He only fussed a little when I told him he could not color until he picked up his blocks. That didn't happen until I was cooking dinner.

A note for the family: The closer we get to the 11th, the less likely it is that Andrew and I will make it to Easter. I'm starting to hope that he waits until the 10th because then the nurses can take care of me while Brian and Jacob head out there for a few hours on Saturday. PLEASE feel free to come and visit us at the hospital. I will be there for a few days. I'd say I'll be up for some visitors starting Friday evening thru the rest of my stay. My surgery is scheduled for noon, and I know it will be 3:00 or so before I get to try to feed Andrew for the first time. I'd like to see all of the out-of-towners and I want you to know that you're more than welcome to come visit! On the other hand, I know that hospitals suck so I understand if you don't want to spend your time in Texas at the hospital. :)


Mary Holloway said...

Are you kidding? Of course we would come and visit you! Can't wait to see you!!

A few Hicks said...

Hospitals do suck... but labor & delivery and the nursery don't! That's the best part!

I should get a mulligan on the date. I'm guessing April 2!! I'll keep my phone handy.