Getting Organized

Last weekend my mom came over for a little while to help me do some things around the house to get ready for the new baby. I just cannot keep up at all these days. I feel like I have a ton of energy, but it is zapped out of me in no time. Very frustrating!

So we worked to declutter a little bit around the house, and we washed all of the baby clothes. I had forgotten about the "new baby smell." This weekend we are going to run a few errands and work on more organization in Jacob's room and our closet. We have so much stuff that we can take to Goodwill, but I never make it to the closet when I start working around the house. Oh! And we're going to finish my bathroom, too! I cannot wait!

And yesterday I had a maid service at the house to deep clean. They did a pretty good job. It was not perfect by any stretch, but they served their purpose, and it wasn't too much money. I never thought I'd do that. I got to catch a quick cat nap while they were there.

I have modified my hours at work. I'm going to take off 2 afternoons a week to help me slow down a little. I started it this week, and it worked out pretty well.

Jacob is doing really well in his new class. Last night at dinner, he was naming his teachers for Brian and me. It seems like he has been jabbering a lot more since he started in that class. We received a note from his old teacher (the one who is not his friend) and she says she will miss his dance moves. Jacob can feel the beat in music, but I think he has some major white boy moves. He just looks so funny to me when he dances! My mom told me this week that he really can dance and we should nurture that. I guess I hurt her feelings by making fun of his dancing. :) I dance every morning while I change his diaper and most of the time he will bob his little head along with the beat.

There really isn't any news about Andrew. My belly measures 35 cm. I only gained 1 pound in the last 2 weeks, which thrilled my doctor! I am retaining water like crazy! My right hand is almost completely numb, and my left hand is starting to get sore while I use it. I am sporting those lovely cankles, and my face is starting to swell. Everything is fine, though. My blood pressure and other stats are perfectly normal. My doctor assured me yesterday that I'll drop the water weight quickly when the baby is born; I did not drop it quickly with Jacob. I've gained 32 lbs. total since I got pregnant which is just a little more than I gained with Jacob. I did enroll BOTH boys in daycare for the fall and summer this morning. It was a little strange because Andrew is not even born yet.

Alright...enough blabbing for now. Can you tell it is Friday and I'm just not that into working?!?!

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