Ear Hurt, Call Doctor

Jacob told us on Sunday that his ear hurt and he wanted to call the doctor. He said it a couple of times, and I finally told him that we'd call the doctor on Monday. We've had this nasty cold running through the house for about 3 weeks now. All of the boys are passing it back and forth to each other. So we get up Monday morning; I ask if his ear hurts; and he says no. So I thought I'd wait until Tuesday. I noticed Monday evening that he said his ear hurt when Brian was paying attention to the baby, so I thought he was saying it for attention. I mean, he's freaking 2! So I decided not to call the doctor.

Tuesday, 3:30 p.m.: Daycare calls to tell me Jacob has a fever of 100.4. I felt so guilty!! So I leave work, call the doctor, and surprisingly they can get me in that afternoon. It all turns out to be a sore throat; his ears are clear. And they didn't give us a prescription because it is just a viral infection. You could tell Jacob didn't feel well by looking at him.

Last night, or actually this morning, at 2:15, I wake up to Jacob running out of our bathroom and saying, "Mommy, mommy?" He got out of his bed and came into our room. This is only significant because he has been in his big bed for a year and had never done this! He still waits for us to go into his room to get up in the morning. I guess he really didn't feel well last night. This morning he wanted to cuggle before I went to work.

Here is a picture of the boys that was taken by a company who came to our house. The least expensive package was $100 for 5 5x7's. The most expensive I think was $800. They had a CD with the most expensive packages, but I just got 8 sheet of pictures and the CD for $130 when I took them to Sears. So I politely asked for my free 8x10. This is it. They were beautiful pictures, but I cannot justify the cost.

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Cassie said...

100.4!!! I thought you'd said 104 in the truck. That makes a lot more sense now hahahaha