Horrible Fits!

The last 2 nights in our house have been anything but quiet evenings at home with the kids. Wednesday night Jacob had to use the potty before dinner. When he was finished, I heard Brian tell him, "No Jacob. Don't put your head in the potty. That's gross!" Then I heard, "Jacob gets to sit on the naughty stool for not following Daddy's directions." So Brian puts him on the naughty stool, tells him why he's on there and that he needs to sit quietly for 2 minutes before he can get off. So Jacob carries on and on: My potty sticker (stickers are the reward), Mommy, Daddy, Andrew....loud and crying, or rather fake crying, the entire time. We started at 6:30; at 7:00, Brian and I were finished with dinner. Brian wanted to pick up everything from the table and let Jacob just miss dinner, but I wasn't quite ready for that yet. I decided I'd let him go on for another 15 minutes. By the end of the 15 minutes, I was in our bedroom feeding Andrew. I heard Brian start to clear the table, and then Jacob got really loud: My plate, my fork, my big chair, my milk! So finally, at 7:30....an hour after we started, he got to get off of the naughty stool.

I was expecting him to be perfect last night, but no such luck. Last night he told us he wanted to sit in his little chair instead of his big chair. So we pulled up the little chair, and of course he immediately started asking for his big chair. We put him in his little chair, and he carried on about wanting the big chair for about 30 minutes. Then he got to sit on the naughty stool for standing in his little chair. He was there for about another 30 minutes because of the crying, whining, and getting up off of the naughty stool. No dinner again for the second night!

I'm sure that the teachers from Primrose think that I'm talking about another child. I'm so happy that Jacob behaves perfectly for you all! And honestly, I feel that if this is the worst thing he does, then we don't have that big of a problem.

I've been trying to get video of the boys dancing so that I can post a tribute to MJ, but they don't dance or shake their @$$es like the little girls.

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