July 4th Weekend

Here are some pictures from our trip to Red Oak from 2 weekends ago.

Jacob and Andrew - I know Jacob has a goofy smile, but I just love this picture!

Jacob kisses Andrew

Grandma Rose and her grandsons!

Brian and Jacob rest from playing outside. Jacob is glistening!

Brian and Andrew.

Our July 4th weekend was GREAT! Friday we took Andrew to school and took Jacob to the zoo. It was so hot at the zoo, but he loved it! We decided to get season passes. We only had to buy them for Brian and me because Jacob gets in free. Brian and Jacob went back on Sunday because Jacob told Brian he wanted to go to the "goo." Here are a few pics from the zoo.

Jacob walks on the alligator.

Jacob on a stagecoach.

Then Friday night we had date night. We went to dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and got to experience a few kid-free hours. Thanks to Grandmother for watching the munchkins for us!

The rest of the weekend I spent cleaning. It sounds bad, doesn't it? It was actually great! Brian took the kids out of the house so that I could work undisturbed. Now the real chore will be to keep it up! But since we only have a couple of clutter spots now instead of a lot, I think we'll do okay. Let's see how long it is before I post another blog like this.

Andrew is 3 months old today! I cannot believe it! He is such a good baby, and he has adjusted to daycare pretty well. He has stepped up his sleep to 7.5 - 8 hours a night. He loves bath time, and he is extremely chatty! I think he is starting the teething process because he is drooling everywhere, and he has these random fussy fits. The other day he literally cried and screamed for an hour and a half. Then he fell asleep, and he was fine! He loves Jacob, too! I'm so happy that both boys are so happy and like each other so much!

Finally, today is our 4 year wedding anniversary! I love the life we have built together so far and cannot wait to see what lies ahead for us. I still love and adore Brian as much as I did the first day we met!


A few Hicks said...

Did you tell Andrew happy 3 month-old day for me?

I just love that last pic of the boys, sis.

Happy Anniversary Edomms!

Cassie said...

love the shot of you two at the restaurant!