Weekend with the Great Grandparents

We went to see Big Papa and Big Gaga last weekend. It rained while we were at Big Papa's so we had to stay inside the entire time. He has a lot of land, and it would've been nice to let Jacob run around. It was our first visit since Russell passed away, and it was a little weird. I didn't realize how much time I spent talking to Russ until this last visit. The house is much more quiet, too.

I had dressed both boys in their overalls because it's all that Big Papa ever wears. I thought it would be cute to get a picture. But leave it to Mother Nature to put a kink in those plans. Jacob pooped while we were in the car, and we didn't know until we got there. Then we had to bathe him to get him clean.

Brian was not feeling well Saturday night when we got home. So once we were up and moving on Sunday, I decided to take the boys to see Big Gaga and let Brian sleep in. The boys were so good! We did have a naughty stool incident at Gaga's (a few of you may have already heard about it). Basically, he was playing after he finished lunch. He was just messing with everything, and that just drives me crazy! So after threatening the naughty stool, I had to follow thru once he tested it. He was good after that!

Right before we left, Jacob cuddled up with Andrew on the floor. So sweet!

When we got home Sunday, it was hot in the house. I've thought for a while that there has been something wrong with our AC. Sure enough, we needed more coolant. My nagging was backed up again yesterday when I received my HIGH, HIGH, HIGH electric bill! I should've nagged a little louder and started a little earlier. The boys cuddled up again after naps on Sunday.

This is not as random as it looks. Brian was eating a fruit bar while he was giving Jacob a bath on Monday night. Jacob wanted some, so Brian gave it to him. Look at how happy he is!

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