Stay-cation at the Great Wolf Lodge

For the last few years, our entire family has gone on vacation together. This year, because my kids are so young, my mom suggested we go to the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine. Brian and I had been really looking forward to the vacation since that moment! We didn't want to take the kids on an airplane yet, and a road trip could be tough, too.
So Thursday night everybody went to dinner together at Fireside Pies. Andrew was extremely fussy which is out of character for him. We thought he might not like the loud music. I had to go to the car to feed him because he would not take a bottle (it was still a little cold). Then he slept, but he was still a little fussy. Jacob had so much fun with Aunt Gloria and Matthew!
Brian and I took off work on Friday so that we could go to the hotel and hang out with my parents. We had a Casino Night to attend that night, so we were planning to spend the night to help out our parents. We finally arrived at the hotel around 11:00. Brian took Jacob swimming. I had to take Andrew for his 4 month checkup, so I decided to swim when we got back from the doctor. My parents watched the kids while the 6 of us (Edomms, Hicks, and Paxtons) went to Casino Night.
On Saturday Jacob was in the pool for a total of about 6 or 7 hours! He LOVES the water! Unfortunately we did not get a lot of pictures. We were too busy playing! He went down a little slide that they had about 100 times. He was really cute! That was the best day of the weekend. Brian got to leave for a little while to get a haircut. I got to take a was about 3 hours long! The Hicks and Paxtons decided to come to the hotel on Saturday. They all arrived around 9:30 and they left around 6:00. Since Jacob was having so much fun, we decided to crash another night at the hotel. We went to dinner that night with my parents at Uncle Julio's.
Sunday we had all of a 20 minute drive home (have I mentioned how much I loved staying close to home). We finally got to use our new bag-unpacker....Jacob. He had so much fun taking our things out of the bags and putting them up (seriously!). After naps, we decided to go swimming at Grandmother's house. It was truly the perfect weekend escape from the real world!

Here I am trying to take a cool shot like the ones Lynette takes.

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That IS a cool shot :) Glad you guys had a great time!