Andrew's New Stats

Andrew, April 7

I took Andrew for his 4 month checkup on August 7. Here's an update on our chunky monkey:
  • His weight was 15 lb. 14 oz. - 71st percentile
  • He was 25.5 inches long - 70th percentile
  • His head isn't too big, I think it's in the 42nd percentile
  • He handled his shots like a champ! He didn't cry at all until she stuck him the second time (and this nurse was super slow with the shots)
  • He sleeps all night! We put him down around 8:30 or 9:00 (which happens to be right after Jacob goes down), and he usually wakes up around 5:30 or 6:00. It's funny...just as we finish singing lullabies to Jacob, Andrew is screaming for his last feeding.
  • He is a total snuggle bug! He loves to be cuddled!
  • He loves to sleep with a blanket. Jacob wakes up from a dead sleep when you put a blanket on him.
  • He still loves his brother! I love to watch the boys interact with each other because you can see that they truly love each other. Of course, I hope this lasts forever, but I know it won't. Not like this anyway.
  • He startles easily. Jacob loves for you to jump out from behind a door and scare him, but Andrew cries when you scare him. He gets startled at the smallest thing, too, like if you cover your eyes, uncover them really fast, and say Boo! Funny!
  • He loves his mommy! Again, I love the look on his face when he hears my voice first thing in the morning. And he can't wait to get his hands on me when he gets home from school.
  • He loves his daddy, too! He just laughs and laughs for Brian. I barely get a giggle.
  • He is probably one of the happiest and most content babies I've ever seen! His smile is so big to go along with those big eyes!
  • First family vacation - August 6 - 9
  • First time to go swimming - August 8
  • First time to roll over - August 14 - from his belly to his back
  • First time to laugh - August 23 - for Daddy while he was getting tickled
  • He has made me appreciate both of my babies more than I ever have before!

August 6