As promised, here are some pictures from the last two months.

The slideshow includes:

- A visit to Grandma Rose and Papa's house

- The Halloween costumes - Buzz Lightyear and Woody the Cowboy

- Andrew sitting up

- Andrew's messy face ( I love the messy face pictures. We have a ton of Jacob!)

- Andrew plays with Jacob's toys

- Jacob's visit to the pumpkin patch

- Boo at the Zoo

I added a few random pictures, too.


A few Hicks said...

Such cuties!! It feels like forever since I've seen them. I'm sure ya'll have a lot of stops already, but ya'll are welcome to stop by at our place tomorrow!

I didn't realize you were dressing up as a MILF for Halloween!!

Susan Ellis said...

I am caught up now. I love the pictures and the blast off video. Be sure to post Halloween pics soon. Andrew is such a big boy now. Have a good Halloween
Love, Susan