Happy Halloween!

I had so much fun with the boys this Halloween! Friday was the annual Parade of Costumes at the daycare. Jacob ran around the parking lot like he did while flying around the house as Buzz.

Andrew snoozes before the parade

Saturday we all got up early and had a really awesome day. Around 4:00 we started to get the boys dressed in the costumes. Once they were ready, we headed over to see Big Gaga. We practiced with Jacob the entire way over by telling him that if he didn't say, "Trick or Treat," then Big Gaga would not give him any candy.

Jacob knocks on Big Gaga's door

The boys with Big Gaga; Andrew and Big Gaga. Even though his eyes are closed, I still think it is a cute picture.

Then we went to Grandmother's house. Aunt Em and No No (Antonio) were going to come over to see the boys, too. So we ate some dinner and hung out for a while. Jacob helped Grandmother give candy to the neighborhood kids. I didn't take a picture of it, but he was too cute. He would hold the giant bowl of candy and tell everyone "Happy Halloween" as they walked away. We ended up leaving there around 9:30. Jacob was so tired!

Jacob knocks on Grandmother's door; the boys and Grandmother

Sunday is football day in our house. I don't really sit down and watch any games, but I like to have one on for background noise. After Dallas beat Kansas City, I decided it was okay to buy a Romo jersey for Jacob (I was not about to buy one after they lost). So we made a big deal about it so that he'd be excited about his Romo jersey and football. Then I dressed Andrew in his little football sleeper outfit. Then I took these super cute pictures.

Poor Jacob only saw the last minute of the Cowboy game because it was on during nap time.

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A few Hicks said...

I like seeing the boys in their costumes, but I LOVE to see them in football gear!! I'm hoping the Romo jersey will one day make it to my house as a hand-me-down (and hoping Romo is still around then).